Overgrowth Apoc: Session 2

We played the second session of our campaign on February 26th, 2016. We introduced a new Character; the Gunlugger Jin played by John. I also brought a map this time.

world map thingy55
This is an edited screencap of the Google Maps of Newfoundland. So, the map is not mine (but it was cool to alter).

Open of Session

We introduced Jin the Gunlugger! Who is terribly awesome we learned shortly after we started playing. Also swapped around some highlighted stats.

Jin is a B.A. They (gender nuetral) loves guns, they likes to fight, and they beats the heck out of people when they doesn’t get where they is trying to go. Rastl left Jin to die. Jin thinks Smoky is pretty darn handsome.


The Gunlugger played by John.

Stats: (+1)Cool, (+2; highlighted)Hard, (-1; highlighted)Hot, (+1)Sharp, (0)Weird.
Rastl Hx-2, Smoky Hx+3, Jon Hx-1
Moves: Bloodcrazed, NOT TO BE DUCKED WITH

Weapons & Armor: Silenced Sniper Rifle (3-harm far hi-tech), Shotgun (3-harm, close, messy), Grenade Tube (4-harm, close, area, reload, messy), Many Knives (2-harm, infinite), 2-barter oddments, prosthetic arm.


  • Specialist Johnson, Jon J. (Quarantine); hard, sharp. We also swapped a stat so that he has (+2)Sharp and (+1)Cool.
  • Smoky (The Maestro D’); hard, sharp.
  • Rastl (The Faceless); cool, weird. Switched stats so (0)Hot and (-1)Weird is a thing.

Session Proper

Where we last left off, the group had just decimated some drunk bikers. They have demanded that Dix (the biker that kicked his buddy dead) take them to “Pretty Bill” the gang leader and most likely the insurance salesmen that was trying to scam Toyota and Camry’s group. Dix is on his feet after just executing the guy who was wheezing through his chest hole. Telling the group that Pretty Bill is well guarded and that they will be wiped off their boots on the mat if they step inside. 

Coming up to the one level bar (the one they passed last session with the bikes), there is about 25 heavy metal motorbikes out front and the lights dance between the cracks in the windows. Smashing of bottles and hoots can be heard from the street. The neon barely flickers and it hasn’t been blown over just because tall buildings are on both sides. Back of the building has a ladder heading up to the roof allowing people access to the vents above.

Rastl upon seeing all these bikes just starts cutting all the spikes in the wheels for each and every bike there is (just in case a safer getaway is needed soon).

Jon is trying to distract Dix so that he doesn’t notice exactly what is going on with the bikes, but also to fish for some info; hardcore bikers like to gloat and all. Jon rolls to manipulate and doesn’t do too hot. But it is pretty easy to get Dix to talk a bit but he doesn’t seem to care about the bikes getting wrecked anyways…

  • Dix has a right hand named Butcher who currently rides in a wheelchair due to no longer having any legs. Brags that Butcher one time hooked a guys head to the back of a rollercoaster and started it; because he smiled at him in a weird way.
  • Tells them that Pretty Bill is more about conning people and that is shoot. Tells them that Bill gets it all, attracts everyone, and is able to get you buy your own socks right off your feet. Dix reveals to them a mark under his scratchy beard, a small round scar like the end of a shotgun was heated up and pressed against him hard.

In the Biker’s Bar

Smoky and the crew walk in seeing a guy nearly passed out on the ground on top of a broken table. Above the man is a very upset Jin pulling splinters out of they’s knuckles because they punched the table instead of the man. The place is filled with big men drinking big drinks. Behind the bar is a man wearing a patchy suit and taking long sips from a small cup, watching everyone do what they do. A hush goes over the place as everyone turns and takes notice of Smoky and crew.

Smoky rolls and figures out that the man behind the bar is in charge and heads up to it. Rastl recognizes Jin but doesn’t exactly high five (Rastl – Jin history being Rastl left Jin for dead); all but Smoky stay at the door.

-Jin to the man on the ground as he stands above him

Smoky sits at the bar and asks for a drink and starts chatting with the patch-suit man.

  • Smoky says that he is a businessman who is trying to change location. Mentions that this area is pretty dangerous and so suit man asks where he can find these gangs and bad people that Smoky is scared of. Smoky also mentions that there is a well-known insurance man around this area;the suit man looks exactly like the description that Smoky reads aloud and Pretty Bill says he has seen only one other person that looked just like himself. And Pretty Bill can arrange the two to meet up. Using one of his hold he learns that this means that Pretty Bill wants to have them go far out to meet someone and be taken away; he will set them up for an ambush.
  • suit man gives Smoky the address for a gas station where he could meet up with the insurance man. Bill offers to send two people to protect them as they go over to the gas station, Smoky chooses the big muscle man (Emmanuel; deaf) chewing on a pool q and the guy cutting his fingers with a knife (Skinny Frank; knows sign language). Bill says specifically to lead them out to the gas station to take care of some terrible wickedness that has been happening around these parts.
  • Suit man asks what business Smoky owns and says his name is Billy and wonders if the food truck could come up so everyone could have a warm lunch.

Smoky heads out towards his truck. Rastl speaks a bit to Jin saying that he wants to talk to him at some point, that he wants to apologize to him. Jin isn’t too happy about it: “No. I have nothing to say about it”.

Broken Bikes and Killstreaks

Frank and Emmanuel go outside with everyone and as they are saying that they will follow them on their bikes they notice that the spokes are ripped apart. Emmanuel makes some hand signals and Frank says they should go inside and that they weren’t very happy about this. From outside the entire group can here the knocking over of chairs and some yelling as people shuffle about inside.

Jin points the grenade tube towards the door. Smoky is going to his truck. Rastl stands near Jin shouting that Smoky move to safety. Jon readies his rifle and hops onto his bike.

Jin asks if they can trust them to give transport out of here and Rastl asks if they can still smash faces. A shout is heard from inside “DUCK HE’S GOT A GRENADE TUBE!?”. The trigger is pulled and it goes in through the door blasting the bar and doing massive harm. Girly screams of fear and terror are heard as a boarded window flies into splinters and smoke pours out. As the smoke is going down bodies are seen all over the ground from through the window.

“That’s why you shouldn’t push me to the ground, you idiots”
-Jin as the smoke clears and bodies are on the ground

Some people are alive still and moving quick, all four of them duck out. Pretty Bill and Dix duck out the back door to the parking lot behind the bar. Jon thumps his fist on the door to the truck motioning to Smoky that it is time to leave. Smoky doesn’t know what that means so he starts up the truck to make some shawarma for Jon.

Rastl chases around the building after him. On the ground with heavy breathing and a throat slit twice is Pretty Bill. Our Faceless speaks to him as he drags him across the ground…

“Not so pretty now, huh?”
-Rastl to the all but dead Pretty Bill as he gurgles on blood

Jin walks through the bar and stabs out the eyes of a couple of guys. No one seems to notice this really. Rastl drags Bill across the road to Jon and Smoky at the truck leaving a streak of blood on the street. Bill isn’t looking good and will be dead in seconds unless stabilized with some sort of medical care (making his life last a couple minutes longer). Smoky holds him and asks who did this to Bill; his question answered by the sounds of choking on blood.

Smoky closes his eyes, and they violently open wide and he shakes then stops moving. Smoky closes his eyes again. It is now the early hours of the morning and Smoky says he needs some gas so they should all head over to the gas station. Pretty Bill’s body is left on the sidewalk, Jin carves his name into the guys forehead and a small heart underneath.

Gas Station

While everyone discusses where to go and when to rest. Smoky is still up for going to the gas station, but everyone is quite vocal that sleeping there is NOT a good idea. On the way over to the station, Jin reloads the grenade tube while in the shawarma truck listening to music from a mp3 player taped to theys gun. Smoky blasts arabic rap music as they move through the early morning.

Smoky levels up and adds 1 to his Hot while driving over to the gas station. No one else is at the point to level up yet, so the Maestro d’ is in the lead.

They come up to the gas station, the lights are out and it looks pretty abandoned. Everyone can see dirt behind the pumps that was dug up and in long rectangular piles about 3 inches tall. One of the pumps has a sign dangling that reads “Out of Gas…” and a frowny face drawn beneath it. Jon reads a sitch and should be on the lookout for any advantageous position, his enemies would most likely be on the roof behind the sign taking cover and grabbing high ground. Finally, Jon remembers that behind most gas stations and directly behind that back door is a ladder that gets you to the roof.

Jin sees some boot tips sticking out of the dirt all over the place.

Stepping back a moment, Jon is able to ask Smoky two questions about his character because of his sex move from eating the shawarma from earlier (since shawarma counts as sex for maestro d’).

  • Smoky wants to have more customers. But he wants to go across the ocean to where his ancestors lived to sell shawarma the old way.
  • Smoky misses the man who taught him how to cook the most. This short order cook also raised Smoky. Sadly, the man died in a firefight and will not be returning.

Smoky asks Jon some questions.

  • Jon feels beautiful when he is helping other people.

Rastl heads around out back to where the ladder is that Jon mentioned. The back door is cracked open, pretty dark, no noise, cracked blue checkerboard tiles line the walls. The shelves are tossed, the food is gone, a busted cash register is on the ground and rolls of lottery tickets sit untouched. To the side near the bathroom is a small cola cooler that has a glass mexican pure cane sugar cola on the bottom shelf. Continuing the search, Rastl sees in the back of the wall freezer a chipped hunting knife (the blade dinged all over) and a revolver with no shots. This is obviously execution equipment, the knife being what must have been the first to use, and if it went downhill a shot was used. Looking the items over there aren’t any identifying markers or symbols for any gangs, but on the walls of the freezer are carved in tally marks, around 50 of them (it is assumed that that means 50 people are buried here). Jin while inside is stuffing his pockets with lottery tickets and scratch offs (it makes him think of the rumors of the old world for a moment or four).

As that occurs Jon is on top of the truck keeping an eye out for trouble. Nothing happening in sight. Smoky goes to fill the tanks and sees that they are dry or at least no longer functioning. So no gas here. But Jon mentions to Smoky that the bikes at the bar still have gas! And there are over 20 of them there!

Demon Holes

While Jon takes the first watch he sees a break in the sky, a tear of a hole with wisps of light and apparitions spewing out of it to the ground.

Demon Holes rip open in an instant (of about hundred or more meters) and slowly close over the period of a number of hours. If a demon hole closes before a demon can take control of a person, the demon ceases to exist. But to take control of a person, it forces the previous soul within out. Jon thumps his fist on the roof and says they got to move.

Smoky starts up the truck as the others sleep in the back and turns on a track that he only plays in these instances. They drive away to a safer distance (at St.Phillips) and head back to sleep.

At St. Phillips

St.Phillips is a smaller community. Everyone goes to sleep and flips the sign to closed.

As they all wake up they can see that the demon hole is closed and go about their morning routines. Jin checks the guns and knives then begins to scratch off some of the tickets. Jon is inspecting around the truck and his bike. Rastl is wiping off his mask while still wearing it and cleaning his machete.

Outside and within sight is the Zak’s Cellular Corporate Tower, a tall building draped in vines. Nearby it is the repurposed retirement home community where Camry’s (Toyota’s mother) friend Louise lives.

Back to the Bikes

The group decides to head back to the bikes to claim that gas. Jon goes out ahead to make sure all is safe and sees two small kids siphoning gas with tubes in their mouths, they wear ragged clothing and are very young (pre-teen). Jon rides up and tries to look as mean as possible and sees that one kid has bruises across his neck and the other an eye that is swollen closed. He reaches for his rifle and the kids flinch; the gesture is made for them to move on and one limps off with his jug in hand. They had only drained two bikes so far.

Jon looks around a little more after motioning that it is safe for the truck to pull up. He sees that Pretty Bill’s body on the sidewalk is now only wearing his boxer shorts, his suit and clothes were taken. A few of the bodies inside the bar are missing large patches of hair.

Smoky starts taking all the gas and looks around him speaking aloud saying that they have not made the place safer. That they have killed the insurance man and his gang, but what of the gang that vandalizes the local neighborhood? The gang that would act and destroy whether or not the insurance man was about (info from Camry during the hookah scene in session one).

Back to St. Phillips!

After siphoning all the gas, Smoky drives everyone back to St. Phillips to open up shop. Looking for information from people.

A college girl with dreads approaches and says she doesn’t have enough to really pay, but that it is okay to share. Because we are a collective as a species and we all share everything together. Smoky disagrees and the girl says that there is a community at Flatrock where everyone lives together in peace and tranquility. Smoky replies that that place is a cult of demon worshippers, people who invite the demons to take over their bodies. She walks slowly away and bumps into a friend, saying that they should head to Flatrock right away; the people out here are crazy and think that demon cults exist!

Rastl asks for shawarma and carefully eats it by lifting his mask slightly while attempting to be where no one can see them.

Across the street is a gun shop whose owner Jin is friends with. So Jin goes in to see Teddy Blackwell to see what is new in stock and to catch up a little.

  • Blackwell has heard that the island to the west has been buying up a lot of tactical weapons and firearms. Having them driven by truck from the university just north of St. Johns to the docks on the shore opposite of Freshwater island.
  • Blackwell mentions that if Jin were to “acquire” this truck full of weaponry. That he would be willing to buy half of what is there and allow Blackwell first pick. Specifically, he wants some tank rounds (since Jin probably doesn’t need them).

Someone asks for a refill on their coffee from Smoky. Smoky then describes to the old man how he gets the good coffee beans. By feeding the coffee beans to a lynx and waiting for it to be “processed” then he collects them and brings them back to make good coffee for people. Upon hearing this the old man waddles away from the food truck.

After a bit, Rastl is surprised to hear someone calling out his name. It is someone from the gang he was in! A punk kid in his 20s, he was a runner (messenger) for the gang; name’s Tum-Tum for his belly.

  • Tum-Tum asks Rastl if he has met up with anyone else from the gang after the big fight. He mentions that Pierre is beyond p!ssed at Rastl. Pierre and DeadGaze got away during the fight, rumors going around say they are at the University.
  • Namedrops Red Arshole who was gunning to lead the gang.

Smoky’s motivation for going to the University as of this session’s conclusion was to check out the food courts and see about expanding, or finding more customers. So getting that dough to be able to retire someday. This was just talked about during play, but not in a scene of any traditional sort.

The group rests for the night and decides to head out in the morning.

To the University

The University is on a plot of land with some space between the buildings. Out underneath one of the trees is a hatch that resembles a storm cellar and a man walks down into it. The campus itself is surrounded by a tall rock fence. The main gate that must be entered to go down the drive to the gymnasium, dorms and offices have a gate and small shack for security.

On the roof of the shack is a mad dressed in brown uniform holding a light machine gun. The man sitting inside the shack operating the gate has a heavy revolver in one hand and a magazine in the other.

As the truck pulls up they are motioned to come to a stop and one of the guards walks up to the window.

  • He asks why they are here. Smokey tells him that they are heading to the food court to see about selling shawarma there.
  • He asks if they have any weapons with them and what they are. Smoky tells him that they have a sword, a rifle, some knives, and one has multiple guns. He notes it on a blank page of paper so that it can be kept track of who has what.
  • The guard then says that they have men on the roofs and that if there is an emergency to stay calm and move in an orderly fashion until the situation can be taken care of.
  • Overall, this place is really professional.


This is where our 2nd session ended. It was really cool to see the hints of Rastl and Jin’s history start being revealed and how they deal with eachother.

Next session soon!

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Note: after posting I forgot that Jin was gender neutral. So I think I switched most of the words back. It makes it slightly confusing, but just keep in mind that Jin is neutral.

Makin’ Beer Paper!

Posting this over here from my Orbit Above Games website as I try to get everything onto one website… forgive the typos that are present and blatant ferder dits.

It has been awhile. I have had these images uploaded but haven’t gotten around to actually posting about it. So here we go, this is part one and it is about how I made the paper which I would end up scanning at high resolution to use for the Incredibly Old RPG PDF.

Staining Paper

To stain the paper I was fortunate enough to be in a house that homebrews beer, so I used the throwaway bag of grains (after it was used) for a dark beer.

In the image below is the materials used for the process:

  • 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of paper; whatever size your scanner can allow will work.
  • Roll of Paper Towels; to assist in drying.
  • Hair Dryer; some like to use the oven, using a hair dryer allows you to do some fancy work using the brush.
  • A small brush; this is used during the drying process to create drip stains and rings.
  • 2 Trays; one lined with paper towels for drying and another which will be filled with the grain water.
  • Bowl of water with the beer grain bag; depending on the darkness of the beer you made, you should have darker water. In the example images, I was trying to use a lighter beer and it had no effect. So go dark!
  • A towel; it is probably a good idea to fold a towel over on your work area so you don’t stain the floor, table, etc.

Step 1: Sitting Paper


Paper Submerged

The first thing I did was press the grains in the water, trying to make the water as dark as possible. So letting it sink, then lifting it up and letting it drain into the bowl, repeat. Then I pour the water into the empty tray, trying to fill it to about half the height of the tray if possible (keeping the grain bag in the bowl).

I then take one sheet of paper and submerge it in the tray. Using the paintbrush I press the paper down so that it is on the bottom of the tray.

I then let the paper sit for about 5 minutes, then flip. But the longer you wait the darker your paper will be when finished. Essentially this is the dying part.

Note: In the image I broke open a teabag to add more grit to the page. I didn’t do this originally, but I was trying it out. It wouldn’t do too much if you are using the dark beer grains (since there is plenty of things in the bag itself which will produce a similar effect).

Step 2: Drying

This next step involves the tray with the paper towels laid down in it. Remove the paper from the wet tray and slide it across the towel tray. Let the paper rest on it for about 2 seconds, flip and rest the other side for 2 seconds.

Now plug in your hair dryer and place the paper on the free space of the towel. I usually use the highest heat setting and hold the hair dryer an inch or three from the page, constantly waving and moving the dryer. Keeping the hair dryer pointing directly down (90-degree angle?) that way specs of water don’t fly everywhere.

Do this for both sides until dry.0131161549

Note: While drying with hair dryer, you can dip the paintbrush into the grain water and draw drips and designs. Following your brush hand with the hair dryer. 

Another option is to take the grain bag itself and drip water from it onto the paper while you are drying. Or letting the bag drip off into the bowl, then drag it over areas where you want darker stains.


That pretty much is it! Now when I was scanning these I found that the higher the resolution the better. I have a flatbed scanner than can do over 1200 dpi, but 600 should work just as well.

In the next part I will be talking about my design guideline for this project. Which is all about art styles and layouts and such and what the inspirations are for the Incredibly Old RPG PDF.

The Incredibly Old RPG PDF is a project where I am going to make an old looking digital document that is appealing to the eyes, functional, and has a good game inside. It is being documented through this blog and my Google Plus posts.