Thinking in the Dark: Infinite Writing and Spider Support Group Scenarios

Tonight I tried something new, something for the first time. I recorded myself talking blindfolded to work on some concepts.

Here is what I did:

  1. Started Recording.
  2. Put on Blindfold.
  3. Sat in the dark until I felt like I was elsewhere (about 30 minutes blindfolded in the dark).
  4. Started talking (ended up talking for about 25 minutes, cut out some of the dead stuff and made it into 22 minutes).

What I talk about:

I have put a couple posts on G+ (click here to find me!) concerning a scenario about spiders then another about a printing press and pulp fiction stories and such. So I talk about those two and work through those ideas just by talking to myself in the black.

I apologize if my breathing sounds heavy or short, it is because I was working outside today and my throat feels a bit raw.