Day 11: Image B

“”Day 11 i think. All about them inks.””

“”Standing infront of the galaxy god. My arms feel no pain as I watch them spiral into his infinite grasp, or is it mouth? I can’t tell,.. Both but neother at once?

Am I inside it or outside it? I am looking at distant planets… Like I am at the center of the galaxy… But also on the other outside or some other fixed point?””

Day 11: Image C

“”Drifting across the landscape her face melts leaving a sorrowful look stretched horrifically as a path to track her by.

But who would want to chase the madam with the stretched and melting face?

Maybe it is because of the crown she carries? She had stolen it from her sister, whom she had slained in jealousy over the crown. Her newly acquired artifact didn’t bring her happiness, just … Sadness…

But, if an adventurer were to return the crown to the rightful owners resting place in the clouded keeps third courtyard… Then you will be gifted the present that the deceased sister had made to give her sister… Since she knew she would be upset that their father didn’t deem her worthy of a gift.””

Day 4

liefted directly from my Google Plus when I originally posted it:

“”May 23rd, Day 4 of Sketch a Day.

I was cranped up this morning from drawing over the weekend? Idk. I guess I didn’t have any ideas for what to sketch.

So, I present 2 Aliens because I was thinking of +Slade Stolar s 100 Clones of Hitler.

The left is the clock greys. Turns out aliens crash landed during historical times, and some mad man turned them into clickwork greys. He then sent them back to space, to return after he perished to destroy the world before the younger generation (just seemed terrible!) destroy earth! Well, the clock greys returned way later than expected and are now invading Earth!
The right is baby planet nanny, they were charged with holding the universes children eggs and protect them while they develop, before they hatch into new realities. Well, it turns out they aren’t happy with humanities influence on them. Soooo… Zap zap!””