A Map of Uldridge City Handout

If you are unfamiliar with my secret writings of blasphemous materials and histories unknown, then let me tell you what Uldridge City is. Uldridge City is a large dark gothic amalgamation of shapes and spikes and shadows cast onto moving men and the shadows follow them even when they leave the footsteps of towers. The people within are apathetic to the wants of most others besides themselves, if you fall into the drained canal, screaming a hundred feet down and crashing through the roof of a hut in a makeshift town. No one will really blink an eye at the news article except for the guy who had lived there.

Magic is not practiced in the open or even at all, the source of all magical energy is residual within the bricks and masonry of the city. The foul wickedness of twisted figures chanting in the hope to summon malnourished gods of destruction who can answer the cries and wishes of their followers. So, the entirety of magic within the city and monsters worth fighting are the product of residual energy bent to the whim of long dead evil men but filling the form of the city (similar to a jello mold if you could morph the mold with magic and use it also an ingredient).

Originally, I had written Uldridge City to be a short set of tables and rules to have this Bloodborne aesthetic inspired setting which I could use in Into the Odd (that short OSR awesome minigame fantasy rpg by Chris McDowall). But, now I am working on putting together a bigger version which I could use with the forthcoming Flames Will Die RPG that I am working on. But since I am still working on all this stuff, I am just going to post the map handout at the moment, also because I am in a rush today and don’t have the patience (not energy) to write up a better introduction.

So introduction comes later.


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