Female Faces in Pencil #1/28

Alright, so I have decided that for sketch-a-day the first subject matter that I will be focusing on is female faces and I will just be using pencil for this. I have changed it from being a week (which is honestly pretty short, I won’t see too much change/improvement from just that) to being 4 weeks. It should be fun and on Sundays I will go over progress and how the week turned out. At the end of the 28 days, I will figure out what improved most noticeably, what didn’t improve noticeably and if anything went backwards in progress.

#1; Google Punk Girl

I went onto google images and looked for a girl to draw, and I found this one. Now, I consider myself a work-in-progress when it comes to faces (thus why I chose what I chose for the next 28 days!).

So what did I get wrong? The neck is too long, now that I look at it it looks like a giraffe or a chicken. The head isn’t tiled at the right angle. The nose is close, but not close enough, the outer edge curve of the silhouette looks like the curve is a little too high. The shoulders make the chest seem like it is pointing in a different position than it should be, this combined with giraffe neck makes it kind of awkward to look at.

Things that I do like or think that I got close. The jaw line shadows seems pretty good, the hair (for being quick hair) looks acceptable. I say this about the hair because I didn’t consider it the main thing to look at. The visible eyebrow is pretty close, I think it just needs the tail tapered a little differently.

What should I pat extra attention to next time. While the shading and shadows need work too, I will be focusing more so on getting the proportions and angle of different features. If the nose doesn’t seem right, look at it and figure out why. Then erase slightly and rework it; before moving on to shading, make sure the outlines and rough looks good.

Shout Outs!

Oh man, what do we have for shout outs today…

  • A super creepy storybook (think interactive fiction, “I smash rock against lock”, but instead of a dialog box you choose options, this case hyperlinks) called “my father’s long, long legs“. I didn’t know that it was more well known until it was brought to my attention, but it doesn’t surprise me. It is creepy and a good story about a boy whose father starts digging a hole in the basement and as it gets deeper the family falls apart more and more until the hole becomes a pit into limitless black. There are occasional sound effects so wear headphones!
  • There is this tumblr called Dungeons and Drawings, these two awesome people have been illustrating and re-imagining classic D&D monsters. Scrolling through their blog you’ll find some beautiful art, and colorful descriptions. But what the real candy is is that they have produced two illustrated collections as books, they are pretty cheap (£8 each) and I can only imagine fun to flip through (I am throwing one into my cart right now on etsy).
  • Going back to tumblr quick, here is another game for the emergency gaming folder, this time it is a small printout fantasy rpg called Sword and Backpack. I think it is cool because it is made to be printed out then pasted into the pages of a moleskine notebook. Then, write and log your adventures in the notebook! Imagine if you filled the notebook and looked back on it 6 years from now or some other thing? It is one of those games where I can see myself just filling the notebook with supplementary material and notes, then passing on to a friend to add more pages to it.

Don’t forget the musakk!

  • “WOR” – Django Django (2012)
  • “Harlem” – New Politics (2013)
  • texas reznikoff” – Mitski (2014)
  • Something Soon” – Car Seat Headrest (2015)