Female Faces in Pencil #2/29

Today was a bit of a drudge of a day. I barely hit my word count quota for Runaway Hirelings: Ultimate Peasant Edition, my sketch didn’t make me all too happy and I was barely able to keep my head from falling onto my desk. But somehow I managed and also got to have a 6-minute storm (with hail!).

Today’s Sketch had Freckles

For today’s second of 29 in an exercise with the hope of improving in my use of pencils and in being able to draw female faces, I fell for a trap which I had a bad memory of… freckles.

I remember back in high school that I used charcoal to try to “make arts” (since draw or sketch sounds weird in this instance) of a class mate who had freckles and volunteered to sit still. I also remember the freckles looking like someone had used a shotgun on her face, little flecks of metal could be imagined just beneath the skin. So, freckle flashback.

So why did I choose a person with freckles for day two? Ugh.

Once again I got my image from google images. This one exactly (I’d link to the page, but the page is a stream so it wouldn’t be visible if clicked, so I linked to the image itself).

How mine came out

First off, I apologize for the bad picture. I really need to invest in a camera so that I can take proper pictures of my physical stuff. You can’t really scan heavy pencil without messing up the scanner.

What I liked: The skin overall looks like I go decent shading, I think that without the freckles the skin texture wise alone would be okay. Certainly, something I want to replicate in the future as a base shade or tone (before getting nitty get gritty).

How did I improve: The hair looks better. Still rough, but at least, this time, I can see that it is hair and I can understand it a little better.

What I disliked: The eyes kinda stunk. The freckles were like shotgun flecks, not as bad as in high school, but still not happy with it. The lips look close, but not close enough. The right side cheek is off, I erased and redid it over and over and this was the closest I could get at the moment. Not happy with it and actually, I think the reason why I couldn’t get the eye or the cheek right was probably because my reference for the cheek was the eye and reference for the eye was the cheek…

How can I improve: Basic shapes. Think more about what the face looks like facing me first, then how the position effects what is seen. Don’t just copy the picture, but think about why “this shape is off” and look at how it could be fixed. A “think first” kind of thing, not just fuddling. For freckle improvement, I think I just need to draw more freckles from more people. So, next time focus on examining shapes and thinking of possible solutions if there is an issue, before erasing. 

Shout Outs

I don’t normally think about it, but I actually love art. I love artists. And some artists are inspiring. So this shout out section is dedicated to the uber talented JEShields. He has a Patreon which puts out packs of stockart which can be used for tabletop rpgs. They are some sweet Character Compendiums. I am at the $8 tier. At least check out his site. If you contact him, tell him I sent you, that might give him a chuckle. So, all of these shout outs are art related or design related…

  • First off, Spectrum produces these beautiful better than coffee table art books. Kind of a cream of the crop limited publication thing. I can’t rightfully describe the beauty in the art within, but it is inspiring. It is also my hope to someday be in this publication, or even have something worth submitting (in my eyes). So go check it out.
  • Next, we have a group that puts out a ton of high-quality books showcasing various uses of type in graphic design, they also have various collections based on different color palettes and tons of art books. They are viction:ary, and I totally recommend that you check out their Typoholic books image gallery, or take a look at their blog (which links to a store page).
  • Finally, if you want to publish something small, like 32 pages back pocket small, you may want to check out Scout Books. They have blank DIY books you can order in case you want to do something yourself, or you can have them print and bind a big box full of little booklets that you designed. I am not just giving this shout out because I am itching to put something into a scout book and order a bunch of copies, say some short horror poems would be a cool idea… But, theyre blog is full of awesome images of what can be done with a small page. So, more inspirational materials yo.

What about music? Well, let’s see…

  • “River” – Bishop Briggs (2016)
  • “You and Me” – You+Me (2014)
  • “I Get a Kick Out of You” – Frank Sinatra (1998 album collection)
  • “Don’t you know how busy and important I am” – Tom Rosenthal (2015)

Finally, what about that storm…