Female Faces in Pencil #3/29

Yesterday I continued the female faces in pencil thing, this time by doing a very mocking emotion filled face. Definitely a little sillier. On another note, the camera on my phone is absolutely terrible, hopefully in the next month I will be able to set up a proper camera and soft light so that I can take better pictures of my physical stuff. Until then, it looks like my phones camera will have to do… sadly. Oh and some other notes, I will be running Delta Green on Sunday and I need to write-up all the back catalog of Apocalypse World 2e Preview campaign APs.

Funny Face gurl

So, going through google images under the terms “tumblr punk girl” I found this lovely lady (tumblr was a feed, so just an image link here). Chose this face because it was different, it also seemed like a good try at a new expression.

Time: ~2 hours (maybe less, since I was chatting on hangouts and finished before leaving the chat)

What I liked: The hair looks pretty good in this one. Specifically it looks like like a dark blob dripping from the head (silly putty hair) and more like textured cloth, if I can go the next step and have it look like actual hair that’d be nice. The nose was really close, that blank forehead looks close.

How did I improve: The hair, I improved my hair sketching skills. The eye on the left side of the page looks actually really good to me, as long as you compare it to my previous eyes on people. It looks like it has the emotion which the subject in the original image could have been feeling. A mocking “I want to be silly because duhhh” face.

What I disliked: That mouth. The teeth and the lips look off, almost like the left side needs a fishhook pulling the edge of the mouth slightly up and away. The lines of the face on both sides of the nose look pretty bad, not too proud of them. I think it is because they started as lines when they should have only been shading.

How can I improve: with the right eye? Probably laying out some lines first off could help. Like how you would draw a face from scratch, draw those same lines but following the subjects face. For the hair, more practice? More individual hairs plinging off the side. For the cheeks lines, I will try to think of it as shading first next time. For the mouth, those “lines following the subjects face” may help.

Shout Outs

Oh man, what do we have for shout outs for this post… hmm… let’s see…

  • I used to spend some time on reddit, I still have my now dead subreddit called theFreeRPGHunt (looking at free games kind of sub), but during that time I did see a game called Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf a microrpg. The creator made a subreddit for it, and the pdf of the rules can be downloaded on their pinned post. If you don’t know what this game is about (please say you do…), then go watch this music video for Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf.
  • While I will be avoiding posting links to rpgnow or onebookshelf (if I could use those links, it wouldn’t be much of a challenge to scour for shout outs), but this short zine rpg called Final Girl was originally only available to those that bought the bundle of holding it was in. Now it is there on rpgnow for Pay-What-You-Want. Directly from the description “The Final Girl is a horror movie roleplaying game meant to emulate slashers or any other horror movie where the characters are picked off one by one until only one survivor remains to confront the killer. Gather your friends, create your own movie, and find out who will Survive.” (RPGNow product description). It has also gotten some publicity from The Gauntlet Podcast (I think it did? I remember seeing the discussion somewhere on da’plus).
  • Finally, a one page sci-fi rpg called Lasers and Feelings, very popular and pretty well known (at least among my circles?). It is quick to setup and play, make some characters, make your ship then face space dangers unknown without your Captain Darcy (he is just healing up in medbay, don’t mind him, psychic afflictions or something). It is by John Harper and can be found over here. Oh and its free!

This time, podcasts not music…

  • The No Sleep Podcast; I haven’t listened to them all yet. Because they are totally creepy, and that is a huge back catalog to catch up on. But I do recommend S3E08 with the numbers station.
  • Alice isn’t Dead; this is some scary stuff. A woman become a trucker because she couldn’t handle a breakup (as far as I can tell) and some Delta Green level stuff occurs, but from an outside viewpoint. Like a passerby catching a glimpse or a slight touch of the weird. It is addicting. Also it is from the guys who put together Welcome to Nightvale!
  • Limetown; I will say it again and again and again. Listen to this SEVEN part series. It is excellent, it is captivating and I recommend sitting on a stool with your feet off the ground in a pitch black room with headphones on for this one. You won’t hear a spoiler from me, go spoil it to yourself by listening to it. Now. It is weird. My kind of weird.

I am taking requests for artwork now. Like, send me a weird suggestion that I can bounce off of. If you want, go use this form