Female Faces in Pencil #5/29

Alright then! Busy busy busy! Well, I have been a bit underwaether/not-feel-good-like so my energy levels have been not too stellar. But! Female faces need sketching! So here we go right into it…


This time we have some shortish hair and a different mouth shape. I have started a new pinterest board just so I can organize all of these subject images, so you can go check out the original image over on Pinterest here. As for the sketch…

What I liked: The mouth shape (not the teeth), the general shape of the nose (but the right side looks off, too straight of a line?, too much shadow?). The eye and hair look good. I think I am actually getting pretty good at doing eyes, also this sketch took a lot less time than previous ones, I think that it is pretty easy to notice that just be how the hair looks.

How did I improve: The eye is crazy close to the image. Like, mind boggling for me, the only way it could be closer is if the rest of the face was spot on. The lips for the mouth are a huge improvement from yesterdays or the before its. Mostly because it actually looks like it curves and isn’t a misshapen sticker. It curves along the surface of the face properly.

What I disliked: those teeth are awful, they just make me think of a beaver. Like, the original image looked great! But, my teeth look not so good. Probably because I haven’t drawn many teeth hidden by lips or as part of a smile?

How can I improve: continue the line technique. For the teeth, I think it is just a matter of practice, make the gums less dark than the inside of the mouth, make the teeth have the appropriate shapely-ness of teeth. So, curve in the right place and straight in the other. For hair, I think I cut it too short in time, or was in too much of a rush. It didn’t help me that her hair was almost white blonde against that background to the right. For the nose, better shapely-ness? Have a tone across the entirety of the face so that I can have highlights.

Shout Outs, Games I just bought

Since the steam sale is ending on July 4th I bought a splurge of games last night (I have missed the last few sales or didn’t see anything worth getting so this is big news). I got:

  • Dishonored
  • SOMA
  • Stray Cat Crossing
  • Firewatch
  • Alice: Madness Returns
  • Spelunky
  • Don’t Starve Bundle
  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
  • Tital Souls

Contest! Win a Vidya Germ!

In celebration of my splurge on Steam, I am going to run a contest. I will draw two names based on whoever comments on this blog post, the first name will get to choose to receive either Don’t Starve Together*¬†or Stray Cat Crossing on Steam. The second winner will receive whichever was not chosen by the first, either way, free game am I right?

To enter, just post a comment and tell me about the last session of a tabletop rpg you played/GM’d!**

I will draw the winners on Tuesday¬†morning (the 12th!). If you win, I’ll send you an email (to comment on the site, you have to enter an email address which is not made public but will be visible to me).

*If you choose Don’t Starve Together, we could go on steam and not starve together!
**I wasn’t feeling good, so I didn’t GM this week, help me live vicariously.