Sketch-a-Day: Recap of 5 Female Faces

This last week saw the beginning of my first “goal” or targeted subject for Sketch-a-Day, 29 Female Faces in Pencil. I like, like so many others, struggle with capturing a face onto paper so I am doing just female faces first so that I can “get good” at sketching faces, over 29 of them I should see some improvement. I would hope.

The end of this week marks the 5th entry in this goal, the 8th write up of a Sketch-a-Day and the 6th entry of Shout Outs! It also means I am now up to 55 published blog posts (44 of which were posted between 5/21 and now, and a decent number are just image only posts for Sketch-a-Day).

If you didn’t catch the last Roundup post, let me go over how it works. Each Sunday I go over my artwork for Sketch-a-Day that was posted during the week. At first we have a gallery of all the images then we have a listing of tl;dr (too long; didn’t read) versions of each post and their most mention worthy shout outs. Then today we have shout outs afterwards…

This week we started the female faces in pencil thing, and we had some good shout outs. Such as some art books (spectrum, viction:ary), some cool free rpgs (Final Girl, Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf, Lasers and Feelings) and then a listing of some of my favorite RPGMaker games (freeeee! vidya germs!).

  1. Tuesday, 28th; I drew the side-view girl that I made have a really long long neck! Shout Outs: my father’s long, long legs a online storybook that is very very creepy, the awesome tumblr that is Dungeons and Drawings (I just ordered two of their illustrated books so I will probably review them once they arrive) and then we had Sword and Backpack a short ttrpg made to be pasted into a moleskine notebook.
  2. Wednesday, 29th; the shotgun freckle girl drawing. At the end of the blog post is a 10 second video of a six minute storm that was quite impressive, really big hail on that one. Shouts Outs: Spectrum is a series of publications essentially a future dream of mine is to be in one of those big coffee table books, viction:ary publishes some showcase books on graphic and product design as well as different types of artwork (even some font showcase books) and finally we have Scout Books which are small pocket sized kraft notebooks (32 pages usually) and you can order them blank or have a bunch custom printed. Scout Books also have some great blog posts with cool uses for small page format publishing. A cool avenue for publishing certain materials.
  3. Thursday, 30th; the funny face girl drawing. The first one with scary teeth! Shout Outs: Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf a minirpg based on the hilarious musical video of the same name. Final Girl a horror movie rpg that takes direct and constant inspiration from slasher movies where the main characters are picked off one at a time until one last girl (usually a girl, lets be honest) is standing. Lasers and Feelings, a one page scifi rpg that is super duper popular and comes from John Harper! Then we have 3 podcasts: the No Sleep Podcast (horror stories from reddit!), Alice isn’t Dead (dang DANG DANNNNNG!) and finally Limetown (literally the most delta green 7 part story ever about a disappearance of somewhere about 300+ people).
  4. Friday, 1st; The front on face! With those eyebrows! Looks like a good one! Improveeemeeentttt! Shout Outs: this was all about free video games specifically RPGMaker games! Ib is about a girl who gets trapped in a world of insane and distorted artwork, Schuld is just conceptually terrifying… Yume Nikki is a trippy game, Middens has the strangest art and visuals… It Moves is a game I have yet to finish, also kinda scary, and finally we have Stray Cat Crossing (the only one of these games that isn’t free, but it is like, $3)!
  5. Saturday, 2nd; the latest image has not the greatest teeth, but better than the last one with teeth visible. Instead of shout outs, I am doing a giveaway for two video games. Just comment on that blog post and you can win a copy of either Stray Cat Crossing or Don’t Starve Anywhere. Chances are pretty good you will win… since no one has commented yet…

Shout Outs

I have been sick. But, I can say that the video game SOMA is the literallyyyyyy shhhhhh!ttt…