Female Faces in Pencil #7/29

Ahhhhhh! Another back post! There are like 4ish more I think?

7 of 29… woo!

I will do the critique for this image on Sundays roundup post! The original image can be found here.

This game requires two pennies

I started a community on the plus some months ago called “Orbit Above’s Guild of Creative Invention” and have started posting more game design excercises or brainjumps on there. One of them was about a short game I came up with on that day called “this game requires two pennies”.

The game itself...

The original post was a quick exercise¬†I came up with (I think I did at least? I haven’t seen it elsewhere so…?).

Hack this Scribble; someone posts a short game. Each person can hack it by adding a rule (big addon, but doesn’t edit previous text), changing a term (changes all of x word to y), or changing a paragraph (rewrite or modify a paragraph). These can be done to the main post, or in a comment calling back to someone else’s comment.

If I find a better way of doing this, I’ll let you know. So lets call this an experiment.

Today is: this game requires two pennies”

Some of my favorite responses…

Caitlynn¬†Belle: “change penny / pennies to turtles.”

Josh T. Jordan: “Every time you play, add one more penny. Before making your choice, set one penny to heads and one to tails. Flip the rest to determine whether they are heads or tail.”

Josh T. Jordan (again): “Replace the word “moment” with “person.””