Software and Tools that are pretty sweet

Software, tools, my computer other stuff I just want to make a list of. The software part probably is what matters the most to some people.

If there is an asterisk then I actually own it. (applies to software sections only)

Also, I have the dollar cost of each program next to them.

Desktop Software (Windows)


  • ArtRage 4* $49.90
  • Manga Studio 5* $49.99
  • SketchBook Pro 7* (I paid $65.00 for it on amazon, unsure if it is even still sold?)
  • Black Ink* $44.95
  • GIMP 2* Free
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC)* Cost varies. It is monthly or annual subscription though.
  • Corel Draw / Corel Painter $500-430
  • KRITA* Free
  • Affinity Designer (from SERIF) (in beta for windows, no purchasable version yet)
  • (much better than MSPaint, I use it for quick screenshots)* Free


  • Adobe InDesign (Creative Cloud)* Same as the other Adobe CC.
  • Scribus* Free
  • PagePlus X9 (from SERIF) $120.00


  • Microsoft Word 2013* (latest version of Office Professional 2016 is $400.00)
  • Scrivener for Windows* $40.00
  • Google Docs (it’s free with Gmail, so yes I have it and use it)* Free
  • LibreOffice 5.0 (I have it installed but don’t use it, I have it just in case I ever need to help someone else with it or if someone shares me a file made inLibreOfficee)* Free
  • Notepad++* (I find it to be a superior .txt editor and sometimes you need to just write a .txt file for a readme) Free

Video/Screen Capture

  • Open Broadcaster Software* Free
  • XSplit Broadcaster* Subscription

Mobile APPs

  • Toggl* Free/has a premium subscription
  • Buffer* Free/has a premium subscription
  • Google Keep* Free
  • JotterPad* Free/has a full version
  • Google Docs* Free


  • WACOM Cintiq 13HD (not touch) about $800.00
  • Alienware laptop (Intel i5 @ 2.5ghz, 8gb ram [I am going to bump it to 16gb soon], 64-bit, Nvidia GeForce GT 750M and Intel HD Graphics 4600) this was about $1,200 ish when I got it a couple years ago. I want to upgrade to a full desk workstation however.
  • HP 24uh Monitor $110.00
  • EPSON Perfection V600 Photo ~$210 (Scanner)

Bookbinding Tools

  • Hollanders Book Binding Needles $7
  • Bone Folder (large) $5
  • Large point awl $10
  • Black Waxed Thread $16.00
  • Stanley Bostitch Booklet Stapler $50.00
  • Fancy Paper from French Paper Co. (varies in price)
  • Guillotine Paper Cutter $38.99

Book Printing Places

  • One Book Shelf (RPGNow, DrivethruRPG) <$ POD
  • LULU <$ POD
  • Amazon Createspace <$ POD
  • Scout Books (tiny books!) $$ Print run
  • NinjaPrint $$$ Print run


  • Gumroad (digital and physical sales)
  • PayHip (digital sales)
  • LULU Marketplace which can connect to Amazon
  • Createspace via Amazon
  • Etsy works well for some homemade stuff
  • Society6 for art prints
  • DrivethruRPG and RPGNow

Art Supplies

  • Pental Aquabrush (my¬†watercolor waterbrushes; 3 brush pack) $17.36
  • Pigma Micro Pens $12.95 for a 6 pack of a specific size, or grab an assorted 16 pen pack for $28.60
  • India Ink (quart) $11.39
  • Pentalic Traveler Pocket Sketch Journal, 6″x4″ $10.00
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers, Grayscale (10 pack) $16.71 (getting this soon)
  • Sakura Koi Field 30 Assorted Watercolors Set $30.61 (getting this soon)
  • Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils $20.00 I think
  • Canson Sketchbooks of various sizes (these are great and cheap, I get them from WalMart)
  • General Pencil Company Cedar Pointe No.2 Pencil $4.95 for 12
  • Cheap Brushes from WalMart (they work well enough, but I prefer my Aquabrushes for watercolor now)

From My Phone: Zines I will publish soon

I have caught the fever once more! Specifically with zines and tiny books with tiny subjects. As such here is a list of things I need to finish and print:


8.5×5.5 half letter zines

  • Pulp Writers RPG Scenario w/ art pages; a weird fantasy rpg scenario. Comes with a quick play ruleset.
  • Some Stories vol.1 (a collection of short short fiction); a bunch of weird descriptions of fantastic places

4.5×5.5 quarter letter zines

  • Runaway Hirelings Ultimate Peasant Edition (4 copies of the Player book, and 1 GM book); this is the new version of Runaway Hirelings!
  • Weirdly Dungeon Utility Zine; has various tools and instructions on fun ways of using maps from the weirdly dungeon packs. Also has a couple pages of small dungeons in the back.
  • Arms and Armour; a 2 zine set. One of fantasy arms with illustrations and another with armor with illustrations.
  • ElectroPunk RPG; a two zine set that makes up the entirety of the electropunk tiny rpg. One os rules, the other is setting and genre primer.

This is a post made from my stupid phone. I will update it later yo.

EDIT: here are some more zine ideas!

  • Hobo Ruckus; a murderhobo adventure. With murderhobo pregens. Think pounds of blood raining down murder hoboisms. (Also has murderhoboisms).
  • Weirdly Dungeon: Wicked Towns. A second weirdly dungeon zine this time about town maps. More illustrated type maps thisbtime around.
  • Weirdly Wicked: symbolic and landmark-icked. This is just map symbols and making landmarks.
  • My Backpocket Fantasy. A fantasy rpg in the half half letter size, essentially me making a fantasy rpg for my backpocket so if i go to conventions ever, I can pull out a game and play for lunch.
  • My Pocket Oneshot. Just the pocket booklet that has everything you need to prep a oneshot. Like, roll dice and then fill in the specific blanks, then go play. Essentially a pocket oneshot generator.
  • Barbarians Guide to being Especially Uncivilized. Illustrated silly pocket zine. Like a for dummies book but for people who are more educated barbarians who want to be more uncivilized in play. Its like a silly fiction how to booklet.
  • A Bunch of Tree People. An illustrated pocket zine of just a bunch of treeants or tree people to use in play.