Monthly Workbook version 0.1

I have been looking at some social media things recently and realized that I need to manage it better, I have so many accounts for too many different things that it is hard for me to keep it all straight most of the time.I had put together a quick handwritten list for me to go over whenever I post artwork online.

I wrote a short list for me to go over whenever I post artwork online. Then realized I wanted to expand it to cover some other things, and I am sometimes upset by the amount of new content and media that I consume. Including short stories, animations, short films, new music, new podcasts, etc etc.

So here is my thing I made, it’s a monthly workbook booklet that I can print out and carry with me. I can print a new one out each month and go through it, it is unfinished but it’ll only be finished after it is done and I stop adding things to it and polish it up a bit.

But until then, take a look at it:

Preview for Episode 2: About Signaling

This weekend I hope to edit some podcast episodes. In the meantime, here is a snippet from the as of this date unreleased episode 2 where me (Thomas Novosel), Dirk Leichty and Paul Czege discuss signaling (reaching out, trying to be legitimate, etc).

Paul cut this section out because someone had asked him about it. So you can thank him for the preview.


P.S. There are 3 episodes recorded and unreleased in the queue at the moment.

P.S.S. Don’t blame me for typos, I am on my phone at the minute.

Episode 1: Dreams, Festivals, Enthusiasm and Dreams

Me (Thomas Novosel) and Ole Peder Giæver sit down for a chat and end up talking about clowns and lucid dreams as well as a bunch of other stuff in this first episode.


  1. Clowns then Lucid Dreams (02:28)
  2. Displaced Cultural Traditions in Games (09:54)
  3. Apocalypse-World/Emergent-Settings (20:07)
  4. Enthusiasm and Energy Transfer at the Table (32:24)
  5. Games we want to see made (41:06)

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