Grimmenlurks Mini Setting (not yet because yeah)

Happy thanksgiving yall, or should I say thankskilling? (Look up that movie, its so bad but funny in a cringey way)

Hey there, yall remember how I put out a pdf of a map I made because it was my birthday? Well, I was riding that hype train and wanted to make a setting for the weekend to be like “Hey I am thankful for anyone who downloads or shows interest in my stuff!” but I am realizing that that just isn’t really feasible for what I want to do,.

So, I am going to just give you a quick PDF with my draft text for one of the 13 locations for Riddentown near Moody Lake at the Grimmenlurks.

Hopefully, I can have it done for new years instead.

[download pdf here!]


However, in more positive news I am getting a lot of work done in general so far and hopefully, this will continue through the weekend 🙂