Stimnet Junkies

With a drive port on their forehead these sense junkies spend their downtime processing footage, data, media etc so that in exchange they get tokens which can be spent at sim and jack-high dealers for a jump drive with the latest simulated thrill in sound, visual, and physical stimulation. These guys are Stimnet junkies.


Specifically these individuals have been body modded with a small sensory simulation computer inside their skull which has a variety of connectors and tubes which can be inserted into your nose, plugged into your ears, stretched to the sides of your eyes, and finally down the back of your spine.

Where you meet them

These guys look over street cam footage, they are customer support, they are the outsourced at home secretaries for tons of corporations and businesses. Essentially they trade their computing power and ability to scan and digest information for time which can be spent enjoying a different reality that is just stimulation.

Loud and pulsating noises, sweet and bitter tastes back to back, a concoction of memory triggering smells, and a constant tapping in the spine to give the sense of a loving touch (or rough one). That is what they do it for and it is how they get paid.

Some details

First off, Stimnet is the online marketplace for where noobies and collectors can look through digital catalogs of simulations and experiences. Giving information including how many copies were made, developer profiles, street value, where you could get a copy legitimately (if a legitimate source is available).

What could their place look like…

Stimnet junkies spend all their time in a seat. As such their are two ways to go about this, the messy way and the streamlined way of living. The messy way involves piles of junk and garbage and empty pizza boxes and moldy cola jugs. The benefits of having a messy way is that it is incredibly easy to hide security cameras and trip traps which could be set off by intruders.

The streamlined way involves a bundled mass of tubes and cylindrical containers full of liquid nutrients which are fed via tube down the esophagus and via needles into the forearm. The positive note here is that people who use this system have very clean houses. The downside is that they are essentially never “here”, waving your hand won’t get their attention, throttling them won’t get their attention. They are wholly gone and the only way to mess with them is to talk to them online or via a terminal.

Because if you cut someone off, they could die from shock. No, really, they could.

What are some things they could be experiencing…

Everyone has an experience that they can afford to simulate but not actually do in real life. Here are some:

  • Fantasy Warrior Fighter Online: Return of the Barbarian Hunters – fighting barbaric hunters in the age of blood, steel, and brutal finishing moves.
  • Edge of the Atmosphere Ski Diving – atmosphere ski diving is way too expensive and way too dangerous, falling to the earths surface from near space (so close your fingers could probably skim the edge of some space junk) while riding on skis is pretty thrilling though and on the TV feeds all the time.
  • 364 Conflict – essentially a first person shooter which allows you to shoot and kill and work together to take objectives to capture the simulated world. Each website and server can be its own randomly generated battleground to fight over. Its like a sense of danger that is always constant that can be played or experienced passively. People pay equally to just watch other people play and feel what their character feels when they play.

If they need to defend themselves…

  • Tiny usb powered turrets – hide them in places, stick them to the wall with a suction cup, put them in the mail box, whatever works.
  • nerve gas – doesn’t affect the people who pay for oxygen! also puts people down on the ground long enough to call up the proper authorities or a local ganger to remove the body (person).
  • digitally simulated floors – fall right through the hologram if you aren’t in the know or don’t check to make sure the floor is real. Usually a cell is down their or a pit trap. Whichever works.
  • sensory overload – blaring audio and lights to over stimulate intruders into crippling state of sensory confusion.

For more my last post on adventurohl, check it out here.

Some roundup time

I frequently stalk artwork on behance, youtube, pinterest, google images, deviantart, tumblr. etc. other sites. And I have previously done a shout outs section (back in my unfinished 30 days of female faces art challenge thing). This time I am just going to blurt out a bunch of cool links to things I have been looking at:

Youtube Videos:

Some books I have been looking at lately:

I recently also read Tokyo Ghost and the second issue of Prophet.

Also on the other side, I added some things to my portfolio site.


Monthly Workbook version 0.1

I have been looking at some social media things recently and realized that I need to manage it better, I have so many accounts for too many different things that it is hard for me to keep it all straight most of the time.I had put together a quick handwritten list for me to go over whenever I post artwork online.

I wrote a short list for me to go over whenever I post artwork online. Then realized I wanted to expand it to cover some other things, and I am sometimes upset by the amount of new content and media that I consume. Including short stories, animations, short films, new music, new podcasts, etc etc.

So here is my thing I made, it’s a monthly workbook booklet that I can print out and carry with me. I can print a new one out each month and go through it, it is unfinished but it’ll only be finished after it is done and I stop adding things to it and polish it up a bit.

But until then, take a look at it:

Darkness rolling under my eyes

Going to try to explain something I am starting to do which happenned last night and I’m hoping to try to replicate. Last night I watched a video on how to induce lucid dreams (the kind where you posess more control or interactivity, i think). The steps involved placing your hand on a table ajd moving thebindex amd pointer finger as if you are tapping the table, but for each tap only raising your finger half the height until you are at neglible amounts and then nothing but are down to only the thinking action of moving the muscles.

I did that last night right before I did some quick sletching and it was weird. I could feel it while sketching, like a weird middle ground type thing. Since I focused on the finger movements it felt like I was more aware while sketching. I felt more attached to the pen and each minor and mear nonexistent groove in the paper I was using.

I liked that feeling. It was pretty cool.

So when I went to bed. I shut the curtains, unplugged anything that would give off a light (turned off my phone too as well) and laid down in bed with the blankets over me. Closed my eyes and did the tapping motion with my hand on the sheets, I felt a little tired and had my eyes closed.

Between Sleep

What happenned next (I am unsure if I was fully asleep or just in a weird awareness mode while awake and in between) was a great feeling.

I waved my hands over me with my eyes closed and it felt like they were jointed mechanical things. But that I could tiny weights hanging from them which meant it was a bit of a swaying movement. Since it was completely dark, when I openned my eyes (I think I did at least) it was like swimming with my arms, I made a slight chuckle. The next feeling was disturbing but comforting.

With my eyes open I could feel the darkness, as if it was a tangible cloud, roll into my eyes. Specifically like the darkness was going under my eyes, I could feel it like a reverse waterfall. Now, as I am someone normally terrified of the dark, itbwas weird because it was an enjoyable feeling to have.

After this bit of swimming movement and weird darkness tangible but only with my eyes, I am pretty sure I fell asleep.


Then I was definitely asleep. Around me was stone corridors, not too much in appearance but in unseen textures and temperature. Moving forward I looked at my own arms and they looked like they were put of a comic. Skinmy limbs with larger hands wrapped in cloth bandages. Going forward more I found two doors, I openned the first and looked in and there was a single metal torch in the center of the room, it was a dark metal like blackish brownish color. On the walls arpund it danced shadows, like puppets but human in shape, as they danced more and more around the room they became more and more exagerated.

I walked into the center of the room and put the torch out with my fingers, but when I saw it, it was like my fingers were arms with their own hands which clapped the torch off.

I then woke up. And I felt pretty good about it.

Words on it

Besides both imagery being great for tabletip role-playing games, I can’t think of what I would interpret them to mean. I could say that I explored and put out dark evil that was spawned by only there being light?

Yeah, there was no creatures in the room, just the act of their being light (good) there was monsters (typically evil). So theres a thought.

For the swimming in space, I think it was unrelated. As I am almost certain I was awake during that. But I can’t be certain.

As for if I had a lucid dream, I don’t think I did. But I remember it and remember my choices pretty clearly, and the actions feel like they were my own.

I will have to continue this to see what else I can see when I sleep.

This post was written from my phone.. I apologize for glaring typos and such.

Playtesting Runaway Hirelings!

If you weren’t already in the know, then here is what there is to know: Runaway Hirelings Ultimate Peasant Edition has a playtest packet and you can check it out right now.

Here is the base premise of the game (as described in the rules):

“Here you are, your bosses are dead on the floor, blood pooling under their cloaks and mighty swords. A shattered wand is spread like used toothpicks all around the big bad guy. They led you in, they defeated great monsters and solved complex puzzles to reach this, the treasure room. THE RUMORED FORTUNE!

Gold, jewels and the most magnificent fabrics. But, they could not have been prepared for what would wait here, protecting such delicious riches. They fought valiantly, you cowered behind a rock, they were hit with mighty fists, and you hid behind a rock, and they suffered the blasts of explosive magicks! And they died just as the boss monster did, but you survived, hidden behind a rock.

But what now? You have gold in your packs and have buried your heroes, tears have been shed (maybe), and now you must flee back from whence you came. You must run away as fast as you can back to the entrance.

Hopefully the path out is easier when you blindly flail your way forward!”

Playtest Packet Contents

In the google drive folder (, there are the following documents:

  • The Hireling’s Handguide; everything that a player would need to know to play the game.
  • The Dunarch’s Manual; all the extra information that the Game-Master or referee needs to read before running the game,.
  • The Needlelands Dungeon Template; a short template for playing a session set in the Needlelands caverns.
  • The Cheater Sheet; think of this like how the basic moves for a powered by the apocalypse game are presented. It is a during play rules reference, also works great for getting new players into the game quickly. One for each player printed out should work well.
  • Character Sheets; 7 half sheet character sheets which have the information for each type of hireling on them. These are used and referenced during play by everyone. On set printed out should work fine.

besides that? Oh yeah!

I am Playtesting!

Yes, that is right, play this game! Send me feedback! Tell me all about it! Shoot emails to me!

Also, I will be running games at a moments notice. Specifically, on Saturdays, I’ll post and ask if anyone wants to play this game! If we get some people, we play! But there are other days too, so here is the playtest schedule as it stands:

  • Wednesdays; 6:30PM EST to 8:30PM EST start time. I will be aiming for at least 2-4 Players besides myself for this game. I’ll make the post at the beginning of the week and then reshare it on the day of the game. Games should last 2 to 3 hours in length.
  • Saturdays; 8:00AM EST to 8:00PM EST start time. I will run games for at least 2-4 Players besides myself. I’ll make the post the beginning of the week (Monday) and then reshare it on the day of the game. Games should last 2 to 3 hours in length.
  • Other Random Times and Days; I can run the game 1-on-1 for a single player. If you want to play (just like with all the other times and dates, follow me on Google Plus). It’s fun and awesome! These type of games are best condensed down to about 1 hour in length, but it is a good shot of Role-Playing to scratch that itch. Or send me a private message there and we can set something up!

So yeah guys! This is getting closer and closer to the light at the end of the tunnel. And it feels soooooo worth it!


Notoma Jack (9/19/16)

“Tick tick, notoma? What are you doing you knock dog?” echoed down the street as the neon flickered down to dead, the billboards nearby flashed to black. I stumbled, scraping my knee and palms across the shit ground.

“Back off jonah! you don’t know who i am! You don’t get what your up against! This isn’t whatya think!” clack, clack went the pipe against the gutter, clack clack went the bloodied pipe against the dumpster, tap tap went the pipe in his other hand.

“You need to pay up notoma, I can’t let you go without something being crumpled.” he stood over me, his face looked even more ugly in the shadows, his cheeks will have bruises and I bet he won’t see out that left eye tomorrow after the scrap I gave him.

“I ain’t payin’ for something I didn’t take, laws on my side this time.” I can’t find shit to fight with, couldn’t keep a grip even if I did find something on the wet ground, I hope this is just my blood.

A tight grip nabbed the back of my neck, a clutch and spin then I am on my back again, a swift kick to my already fucked leg. My scream is shortened by the blood coming up my throat.

“Yeah, well, tough shit”.


Are these wires in my head? Not under my hair but in my head, past the ear,. Wait. No. I can see it, weaving through my thoughts, I see Saru, cooking breakfast for me before I head out to meet everybody.

Wait, no, don’t leave. My mind is spiraling in front of me, hundreds of stairs which are impossible to walk on, like a slide from the park. The park, me and gorth always threw dirt on the slide to hear the sound.

Dong. Donk. Dong. Donk.

“You see what is going on right notoma?” gorth looks at me, bandage across his nose covering up that cut from the bars.

“Yeah, we are making noise. Gonna make the wrinkles who took our ball grizzly!” gorth looks at me and motions for me to come over, now we go down the slide and get dirt all over our pants.

“I’m not seeing anything here, well you better just probe harder! We need the words or I’ll bust your skull and stop his,”

“Well we got to be careful, we don’t want to get mud on our pants!” I make a face wth my hands at my cheeks, teasing him. Gorth pushes me down and his face contorts as if he’s laughing, but it is silent.

As I go down the slide, it slows. I hear him.

“Go forward.”

The slide doesn’t end as I pick up speed, moving fast as I am slickened by the mud on my ass (mud?). A wall is coming up, I am laughing, I am having a good time.

My heart beat quickens as I approach a steel wall, I crash through it and the metal tears and bends with the force of my movement. I wipe the metals flecks off my face and away from my eyes to see Saru again, her dark hair is damp. We are at her place, she just got out of the shower and I am counting how many nutritabs we have left. Not enough to pay for dinner and not enough to even eat as is.

I am sad now. Why am I sad?

“We don’t have to go out tonight notoma, I can always get some work done from here and we can head out next friday.” she is hiding it badly, and that makes me feel badly. I have no real job, all I do is bust faces for the…

“Okay, if you say so, Ihave something I really need to do tonight anyways…” I shout out over the screech of the hairdryer as I push the little silver pills into my coat pockets.


“Right here, zoom in. Are you saying that you were going to bail tonight anyways?” Saru comes through the doorway, with that look on her face. A bit of sour doubt and sarcasm blended through some charm and dotted with lovely eyes.

I jerk my head up, what?

Screeeeeeeeechhhhhhh…. A tire?

“NO! NO! I can talk! I can talk!” his head is less than an inch from the tire that is about to roll over his face, his shirt is gripped by a hand wrapped in twisted nails and red leather.

“I don’t get why your so mad brother? You just gotta talk right now and quick. No stay of execution for your sick head.” Gorth was holding him. I am sitting on a trashcan, we are in an alley. Where are the signs?”

Runaway Hirelings Playtest Documents!

A couple days ago I released for all to see the current playtest documents for the new edition of Runaway Hirelings. I have gotten some good comments so far and words are still being added to each of the two documents, I am hoping to start doing some playtesting over the next couple weeks to try out a bunch of the new rules and mechanics.

If you would like to take a look at the new rules, go check out the playtest folder over here.

I am still adding text to each document as I make changes to things along the way, I will use this blog post as the updates/changelog for this current revision as I go about things.



  • Having just finished playing a 1-on-1 game of Runaway Hirelings. I have decided that the final text will have a section on accommodating 1-on-1 style play.
  • Rewrote some rules in the Hireling’s Handguide (specifically the one involving refusal to answer a question posed by the rules).
  • Also added “Creating Characters” text to the Hireling’s Handguide document.
  • In the Dunarch’s Manual the “Starting the Game” section has been expanded so that the questions before the game are better explained and what their purpose is, is more clearly defined.
  • Also the “Dungeon Template” section at the end of the Dunarch’s Manual has been filled out a little more. Enough to supplement the information that was explained earlier in the Dunarch’s Manual.
  • Added the Needlelands Dungeon Template to the playtest packet.
  • Added a PDF called the “Cheater Sheet” which helps with quick referencing the basic player rules during play.


  • Made this blog post
  • Writing more in the Dunarchs Manual to finish up the blank areas