Form Fillable Alternate Character Sheets for The Indie Hack

The Indie Hack is this cool game by Slade Stolar that I can easily say I am a pretty big fan of. So it only makes sense that I make some cool and easy to use character sheets right? RIGHT!

These character sheets are bookmarked, have all the character info on each sheet for each character, is form-fillable so that they can easily be used on the computer or to type in and then print out at home, etc. etc. etc.

Anyways, here is a download link to this 8 pages of delicious.

There are also some alternate versions of the pdf now:

Also here is a link to Slade’s website where you can purchase the game 🙂

If there are any problems with the character sheets, give me a shout over on Google+ or Twitter.


An “Assorted Equipment Art” Zine

Howdy guys and gals,

Over last weekend if you are on Google Plus you may have noticed that I was posting tons of pictures of various magical looking equipment and talking about a small and very quick art zine that is all about equipment illustrations.

Well, I have it done and it is available in PDF and in print via Gumroad (click here to go there…). It’s only $2 for it either way (but print has postage costs of course).

It has 57 pictures of “stuff” across 16 total pages, each page being a different category of “things”.

Here are some pics;

Anyways, that’s all for the moment carry on.

Also, there are only 20 copies of the print version that I made in case you don’t want to print it yourself or just like mail time surprises.