My Comic Zine Resource PDFs

Hey, I like comics. You like comics. I want to make comics. So I made something to help me out with that goal (since I used cardstock for most of my art), I made a zine comic page template to help me with that goal. Just print it out onto cardstock and go run with it. The scaling is noted, space for page number, buncha measures on the sides and some basic margins guides (left and rights etc).

Its 28 pages if you just want to print at “actual size” and go with it.

28 Pages of Zine Comics v1

Download here.

Ritual for Retrieving the Third Madness, John Silence 1.5

Josh T. Jordan and I have a mini one-page issue continuing the John Silence weird world. This one is a short game, that I am pretty sure Josh has described pretty accurately as a trancelarp.

It can be downloaded from this link.

If you want to pick up one of the very few copies of the first zine (6 print copies left), go to my store and purchase it there.


An “Assorted Equipment Art” Zine

Howdy guys and gals,

Over last weekend if you are on Google Plus you may have noticed that I was posting tons of pictures of various magical looking equipment and talking about a small and very quick art zine that is all about equipment illustrations.

Well, I have it done and it is available in PDF and in print via Gumroad (click here to go there…). It’s only $2 for it either way (but print has postage costs of course).

It has 57 pictures of “stuff” across 16 total pages, each page being a different category of “things”.

Here are some pics;

Anyways, that’s all for the moment carry on.

Also, there are only 20 copies of the print version that I made in case you don’t want to print it yourself or just like mail time surprises.

From My Phone: Zines I will publish soon

I have caught the fever once more! Specifically with zines and tiny books with tiny subjects. As such here is a list of things I need to finish and print:


8.5×5.5 half letter zines

  • Pulp Writers RPG Scenario w/ art pages; a weird fantasy rpg scenario. Comes with a quick play ruleset.
  • Some Stories vol.1 (a collection of short short fiction); a bunch of weird descriptions of fantastic places

4.5×5.5 quarter letter zines

  • Runaway Hirelings Ultimate Peasant Edition (4 copies of the Player book, and 1 GM book); this is the new version of Runaway Hirelings!
  • Weirdly Dungeon Utility Zine; has various tools and instructions on fun ways of using maps from the weirdly dungeon packs. Also has a couple pages of small dungeons in the back.
  • Arms and Armour; a 2 zine set. One of fantasy arms with illustrations and another with armor with illustrations.
  • ElectroPunk RPG; a two zine set that makes up the entirety of the electropunk tiny rpg. One os rules, the other is setting and genre primer.

This is a post made from my stupid phone. I will update it later yo.

EDIT: here are some more zine ideas!

  • Hobo Ruckus; a murderhobo adventure. With murderhobo pregens. Think pounds of blood raining down murder hoboisms. (Also has murderhoboisms).
  • Weirdly Dungeon: Wicked Towns. A second weirdly dungeon zine this time about town maps. More illustrated type maps thisbtime around.
  • Weirdly Wicked: symbolic and landmark-icked. This is just map symbols and making landmarks.
  • My Backpocket Fantasy. A fantasy rpg in the half half letter size, essentially me making a fantasy rpg for my backpocket so if i go to conventions ever, I can pull out a game and play for lunch.
  • My Pocket Oneshot. Just the pocket booklet that has everything you need to prep a oneshot. Like, roll dice and then fill in the specific blanks, then go play. Essentially a pocket oneshot generator.
  • Barbarians Guide to being Especially Uncivilized. Illustrated silly pocket zine. Like a for dummies book but for people who are more educated barbarians who want to be more uncivilized in play. Its like a silly fiction how to booklet.
  • A Bunch of Tree People. An illustrated pocket zine of just a bunch of treeants or tree people to use in play.