On this page, I will list all of my personal projects that I am working on with links to their respective update pages and blog categories (for sorting purposes).

Projects near completion or on the frying pan getting cooked till perfect…

Runaway Hirelings: Ultimate Peasant Edition

  • Majority of text written
  • Playtesting currently
  • Art is starting to be made and accumulated for the book
  • The basic layout design is completed. Just need to plug the content in once everything is together
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The Flames Will Die RPG

  • Bare playtest version exists, needs expansion and revising.
  • Tons of notes exist on how the game works.
  • Some limited and early art concepts exist.
  • No “real” playtest version exists yet.
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The Black Candles Society

  • A pile of notes exists.
  • No playtestable version exists.
  • No art exists, yet.


  • A pile of notes exists and an early early playtest version.
  • No “real” playtest version exists.
  • No art yet.

In-Progress Projects


Ongoing Projects

Ferocious Fantasy (system agnostic tabletop role-playing game zine); a monthly e-zine of fantasy gaming materials that are not attached to any specific game system. Official Website.

Sketch-a-Day (art practice minimum requirements project); started on May 21st, 2016. Gallery. or maybe just the Round Up blog posts for it?

Weird Dungeon Map Improvement Program; started on 07/01/2016, the goal is to improve my dungeon mapping skills. The side benefit is that I will be releasing packs of 8 maps under a creative commons license for commercial use. So that people who frequent the blog will be able to download some free maps from me as I try to “get good”. Blog Feed of only this.

Completed Projects

Runaway Hirelings (nanorpg); no prep short tabletop rpg about peasants and hirelings fleeing a dungeon after the big boss is defeated and the warrior, mage and thief slain. Product Page.

Incomplete Projects or Bucketted

Projects in this category have been halted, put on stall, or just aren’t being worked on right now. They may never be again! Who knows!