Darkness rolling under my eyes

Going to try to explain something I am starting to do which happenned last night and I’m hoping to try to replicate. Last night I watched a video on how to induce lucid dreams (the kind where you posess more control or interactivity, i think). The steps involved placing your hand on a table ajd moving thebindex amd pointer finger as if you are tapping the table, but for each tap only raising your finger half the height until you are at neglible amounts and then nothing but are down to only the thinking action of moving the muscles.

I did that last night right before I did some quick sletching and it was weird. I could feel it while sketching, like a weird middle ground type thing. Since I focused on the finger movements it felt like I was more aware while sketching. I felt more attached to the pen and each minor and mear nonexistent groove in the paper I was using.

I liked that feeling. It was pretty cool.

So when I went to bed. I shut the curtains, unplugged anything that would give off a light (turned off my phone too as well) and laid down in bed with the blankets over me. Closed my eyes and did the tapping motion with my hand on the sheets, I felt a little tired and had my eyes closed.

Between Sleep

What happenned next (I am unsure if I was fully asleep or just in a weird awareness mode while awake and in between) was a great feeling.

I waved my hands over me with my eyes closed and it felt like they were jointed mechanical things. But that I could tiny weights hanging from them which meant it was a bit of a swaying movement. Since it was completely dark, when I openned my eyes (I think I did at least) it was like swimming with my arms, I made a slight chuckle. The next feeling was disturbing but comforting.

With my eyes open I could feel the darkness, as if it was a tangible cloud, roll into my eyes. Specifically like the darkness was going under my eyes, I could feel it like a reverse waterfall. Now, as I am someone normally terrified of the dark, itbwas weird because it was an enjoyable feeling to have.

After this bit of swimming movement and weird darkness tangible but only with my eyes, I am pretty sure I fell asleep.


Then I was definitely asleep. Around me was stone corridors, not too much in appearance but in unseen textures and temperature. Moving forward I looked at my own arms and they looked like they were put of a comic. Skinmy limbs with larger hands wrapped in cloth bandages. Going forward more I found two doors, I openned the first and looked in and there was a single metal torch in the center of the room, it was a dark metal like blackish brownish color. On the walls arpund it danced shadows, like puppets but human in shape, as they danced more and more around the room they became more and more exagerated.

I walked into the center of the room and put the torch out with my fingers, but when I saw it, it was like my fingers were arms with their own hands which clapped the torch off.

I then woke up. And I felt pretty good about it.

Words on it

Besides both imagery being great for tabletip role-playing games, I can’t think of what I would interpret them to mean. I could say that I explored and put out dark evil that was spawned by only there being light?

Yeah, there was no creatures in the room, just the act of their being light (good) there was monsters (typically evil). So theres a thought.

For the swimming in space, I think it was unrelated. As I am almost certain I was awake during that. But I can’t be certain.

As for if I had a lucid dream, I don’t think I did. But I remember it and remember my choices pretty clearly, and the actions feel like they were my own.

I will have to continue this to see what else I can see when I sleep.

This post was written from my phone.. I apologize for glaring typos and such.