Grimmenlurks Mini Setting (not yet because yeah)

Happy thanksgiving yall, or should I say thankskilling? (Look up that movie, its so bad but funny in a cringey way)

Hey there, yall remember how I put out a pdf of a map I made because it was my birthday? Well, I was riding that hype train and wanted to make a setting for the weekend to be like “Hey I am thankful for anyone who downloads or shows interest in my stuff!” but I am realizing that that just isn’t really feasible for what I want to do,.

So, I am going to just give you a quick PDF with my draft text for one of the 13 locations for Riddentown near Moody Lake at the Grimmenlurks.

Hopefully, I can have it done for new years instead.

[download pdf here!]


However, in more positive news I am getting a lot of work done in general so far and hopefully, this will continue through the weekend 🙂




The Clifflands where Burthis Perished (Map)

Past a road which seems to never end on a coast most clearly defined but without water or a perceivable “bottom” or “seabed” is a small bridge. This bridge is small in width, not length, as it seems to go out into a slight fog, which obscures your sight of closer landscapes. But out, far above like a mountain peak you can see it. You can see the corpse of Burthis the Behemoth.

You can see its flesh and you can see the pale pink rod-shaped growths along it. You can see the rooftops of a small city perched atop its back. Ah yes, Tortleehundine.

You have found the end of the path that leads to the Clifflands.

Map Key

This is all the names of places as shown on the PDF of the map, this list and the introduction text above is on the second page of the PDF.

  1. Yurgsted
  2. Living Ritual of the Fleshers
  3. Moorduins Great Bridge
  4. Towers of Keddlerdale
  5. Graves of the Seer (Entrance to the Temple of Ote)
  6. The Eye of Ote
  7. Mr.Wemberly’s Inn
  8. A Stone for all of Existence
  9. The Stickwoods Breathing
  10. The Head of Burthis (Entrance to the Flesh Labyrinth)
  11. The Great Town of Tortleehundine
  12. The Necrotic Lifeform Hundis
  13. Burthis’s Material Converter
  14. The Woodwork above a Spew Pit
  15. The Greatest Tower, Heldwunder.
  16. The Village Lerdswine
  17. The Sorrow Pond
  18. Bridge between the Temple of Ote and the Hundis birthgrounds
  19. The Breeze Stairs
  20. The Stickwoods Alive
  21. The Burnt Village
  22. The Living Stickwoods

Download a PDF of the map here.