Female Faces in Pencil #6/29

I haven’t been posting those darn sketch-a-days, so I am a bit behind. Will be catching up though! In which case, I will be posting a bunch today, one with the regular content and the other with some writing I guess (by some writing I don’t mean that their will be 16 shout outs today, but the regular number and then a bunch of back images with some creative writing alongside it that is unrelated to the image but just something I came up with in this moment).

6 of 29

Original image found on google image search by looking up african american punk girls (which lead to this image).


Only in Secrets

“If we spoke only in secrets
Would I hear your spoken words?
You mine?

Can you understand a completely unrelatable tragedy?
Would I understand an unrelatable and impossible to reference response?
Can words be foul enough to tell all but leave us without words to explain what is said?

We go back and forth in unrecognizable rhetoric and extreme speeches.
About things which are disastrous and disproportionate but all the while rational,
but how can we know?

How can we know anything other than confusion when we speak the loudest words?
What phrase could I give back that would reveal as well as grant understanding?

When we talk in secrets alone, no one can or will understand over the deafening and empty revelations.”

This came about yesterday, something about confusion when you only talk in unrelatable speech, which is in itself a secret. But what if the purpose is to enlighten someone or reveal a secret that is itself unrelatable? No language barrier, it is the words itself which are lost upon a person, the content. And when you ask for what is not understood and are just met with more of the same in response, how do elaborate or give examples when both people are pushing?