Oldham Rules

Oldham Rules is a minimal tabletop role-playing game, that focuses on quick characters, quick game prep (for creating antagonists and encounters), and focusing on jumping straight into playing a game of medieval fantasy adventuring. With an art direction and world inspired by the marginalia of illuminated manuscripts, of peasants riding snails and fighting little horned devils with pitchforks.

It is available in two forms: Oldham Rules, & Deluxe Oldham Rules.

  • Oldham Rules is the rules of the game in a 16 page zine. All the information needed to mechanically play the game, and get the ball rolling.
  • Deluxe Oldham Rules is that same zine, but expanded to 32 pages. Where the rules are the same, but with more art, and tables and tools for generating spells, monsters, rumors/crises, characters, adventure locations, an encounter generator, 18 detailed and prewritten encounters and more.

Whereas Oldham Rules has the rules for the game where little prep is required to play. Deluxe Oldham Rules contains flavorful tools that help a Referee or game group organizer complete the limited amount of game preparation needed to play the game. As well as create quick results on the fly to create people and places of interest to fill in the gaps of a game groups campaign of adventure. Deluxe Oldham Rules, through these tools and tables presents a procedurally generated (using procedurally generated as a term liberally) with assistance world of play.

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