Store Information

Digital games can be purchased from both itch.io and drivethrurpg. Different physical games products can be purchased from each site.
itch.io is where I also sell my art products digitally. My handmade products are sold directly on itch.io, if you have a specific item you would like to order feel free to send an email to publisher@thomas-novosel.com


Some of my games are available in print-on-demand books, those are sold directly on drivethrurpg. I do keep stock on my itch.io page as well, but they are always available over at drivethrurpg.

Original Art and Prints

My art prints and original art can be purchased via my bigcartel webstore. The image pictured here is a print of The Eggmens Court (8.5 x 11 inch).


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RPG Creature: The Black Ocean

This is a creature for fantasy and horror scenarios. Note to reader: I am currently over halfway finished reading The Fisherman by John Langan. It is very incredible and seems to me to be like a weird-fantasy or Cthulhu-esque horror scenario with what is going on in the book. I won’t spoil it, but something …


Upcoming Projects!

Did you enjoy Runaway Hirelings, a 30-ish page tabletop role-playing game from whenever time ago? (It was 1 year Thomas omg.) Well, do you also want to know what I am working on getting shoved out the door with kisses and a packed lunch? Here it is! This is the blog post for you. The …


YouTube Videos to Learn With (and more)

Most of my drawing skills have come from YouTube tutorials and copying from art books (not specifics, just details and lessons I think is the best way to describe it). Thanks to this education I have seen so many videos that I would consider “okay”, bad, and some were just highly useful and inspirational. Just …