Release Schedule

Are you looking for when my next self-published project is released? You found the page with project statuses and time estimates for print and digital releases. Everything on this page is subject to change, but it is my rough idea of when stuff will be out and finished.

ProjectStatusPDF Release DatePrinted Release Date
A Greeblin’s JourneyWritingMarch 23′April 23′
Deluxe Oldham RulesFinishedReleasedReleased
The Other SpellbookEditingSeptemberEnd of September
6 Wizards to be Wary OfWritingOctoberOctober
The SwordFinishedReleasedReleased
Sickly Fields Outside OldhamPrintingReleasedEnd of October
Forest Warriors v2 Paper MiniaturesArtSeptemberEnd of September
Dragonknight Card GameArtJanuary 23′January 23′
Halloween! Run, Run, Away!EditingOctoberOctober

This is always an ambitious timeline, but I will keep this page as up-to-date as I can when projects are announced and I have them actively on my work table for publication.