The Sword

The Sword is a fantasy adventure game with few rules, where players take on adventurer’s with blades exploring mountaintop cities and villages that are threat from not just the elements, but also the forests that have consumed civilizations long ago. The green vines reach up to choke out life on the mountains with their dangerous beasts as agents of their doing. In fear, the wealthy build palaces into the stone digging deeper and deeper, trying to protect themselves from the wind and cold, and to outrun the green. They have discovered though, that the underworld is not meant for humans. It mutates them. Turning them into monstrous rot filled insectoids and worms. And the underworld has taken notice… The silver-men, a species of silver metal humanoids has discovered these mines and constructions at the edges of their kingdoms, and finds them an invasive threat. So they act fast to investigate and sabotage further delves.

This is the land of The Sword. Within the first booklet released (titled The Sword), players will find four pages of short rules for playing and running a game within this world, then 11 pages of tables and setting overview. Enough to get a feel for the worlds arenas of adventure, as well as the tables needed to generate adventures.

As this game is in the FKR (Free Kriegsspiel Revolution) genre of Tabletop Role-Playing Games, walk forward with your imagination, your mind, and the desire to explore (by creating) in order to get the most out of this little game.

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