Sickly Fields Outside Oldham

Sickly Fields is a 12 page medieval fantasy adventure. A small town in the countryside is beset by giant evil vegetables that are murdering anyone who crosses their path. People are hungry. The corn is angry. And on a hilltop on the other side of the town of Oldham, Lord Farren sips his wine and laughs. With each purge, he is made richer and richer.

It is written to be used with Oldham Rules, but any TTRPG game will do.

The reason I wrote this adventure was to 1. test out the encounter/adventure generator tools in Deluxe Oldham Rules and 2. create a fun short one session Fall fantasy adventure. It is brief, but I think it works as a good low-level system-agnostic adventure scenario.

This Adventure

  • 12 page adventure
  • Fall harvest themed fantasy scenario
  • Good for one session of gaming
  • Illustrated by Beau Jagr Sheldon

Where to buy this adventure:

This adventure is also available to all my Patrons at $5 and higher!


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