A Greeblins Journey

The Game

The game uses 2 six-sided dice to generate the prompts for your Greeblins adventure, determining the topic and impetus for them to be writing in their journal. The dice also create the score for each journal entry.

The player’s goal when rolling dice (and using their character’s abilities) is to end the game at a total score 25. Ending the game at 21 has the Greeblin reaching their destination and ending their journey satisfied.

But going over will cause the Greeblin’s chronicle to end abruptly, with them running off course or becoming distracted from their goal by the wide world around them.

This whole adventure will take 20 min to 1 hour of your time and can be replayed over and over again.

What it will look like finished

The game when finished will include all of the rules for:

  • Playing the game: all of the rules needed to play the game.
  • Replaying the game: How to keep things fresh.
  • Playing with different modes/styles of writing.
  • Additional Prompts to replace used ones to keep things fresh over many playthroughs.

There will be more too, as it is a game in active development it will likely get bigger than the initial goal of 32 pages of a zine as it is fleshed out and expanded to support many playthroughs.

The Plan

  1. More Playtesting!
  2. Finish writing the Replayability rules.
  3. Finish writing the Modes of Play rules.
  4. Finish zine illustrations.
  5. Have game text edited by my editor (Beau Sheldon).
  6. Release the full PDF version of the games text and what illustrations have been made so far to people who have purchased the game on itch.io
  7. Lockdown sales on itch.io so that it cannot be purchased digitally.
  8. Launch a Kickstarter to get the finished game printed and to fund the production of more illustrations for the game, as well as an in-game artifact-inspired layout.

What do I get

For purchasing you get access to the current playable version of A Greeblin’s Journey and a PDF copy of the final finished game.

Why a Kickstarter after funding on itch?

My original goal was to fully fund the game through itch sales, and then just release the game as a print and play or make a print run of a small zine occur using a portion of the sales made. This has expanded a bit as the game has been developed over time! This is good! It means I will be able to make this game the most that it can be. It also means though that once the full text and current amount of art is finished, that I will need to seek a short funding campaign on Kickstarter to get it printed and help offset time costs of developing the game’s art and presentation further.

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