This page collects my Tabletop Gaming Art that I have done in the past. If you are interested in commissioning art for a commercial product or a game send an email to: me@thomas-novosel.com with the subject line “Commission” followed by your name.

At the bottom of this page is some of my publishing credits. Showing what I have done layout and illustration for in Tabletop Role-Playing Games.

Words about me…

Beautiful, evocative stuff – and looks different from most of the other fantasy/rpg artists out there (many of whom seem desperate to make their work look more and more like everyone else’s).

Stefan Poag

Ink Work

Publication Credits

Self Published

PDFs available at Gumroad and RPGNow. Print also available at RPGNow and LULU.

  • Assorted Art 2019 (sketchbook art book).
  • Runaway Hirelings (2018).
  • Assorted Art 2017 (sketchbook art book).
  • Inktober 2017 (2017).
  • Monster Butts Vol.2 (2017).
  • Monster Butts Vol.1 (2017).
  • The Notebook of John Silence P2: Whereabouts.
  • The Notebook of John Silence P1: Daydreams.
  • Ferocious Fantasy Vol. 1 (no longer available).
  • Assorted Equipment Art Vol.1 (2016).