Digital painting done in Photoshop of the Cryptid Mothman, 8.5 x 11 inches. Inspired by the Mothman illustrations I made for my Patrons over on Patreon.

A Gratuitous Amount of Ghosts and A Less Than Ideal Number of Chairs to Possess

This is a variant of Musical Chairs, to setup have a number of chairs one less than the number of players and arrange them in a circle. To no music the entire group rotates around the chairs one by one. When any player says “BOO!” outloud, then each of the Ghosts (the players) must sit… Continue reading A Gratuitous Amount of Ghosts and A Less Than Ideal Number of Chairs to Possess

Wargaming Paper Terrain 1

I have been continuously working on expanding and towards completing my Lions Rampant paper miniature set that I have been making. Attached to this post is the current images PDF that I am using and have made to piece together terrain from.

Long Hair

This is how I look now. A marked difference to what I looked like a year ago, six months ago, and a massive change compared to the last picture of myself that I posted on my blog.

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Jumpdown Sketch

A quick sketch for the screen of an NES-inspired platformer game idea. You collect the hammer to smash rocks, a machete for vines, and gems for points. The goal is to get to the bottom of each level. Other hazards are snakes, waterfalls, and tigers. — 8/3/2021

Oldham Rules v.1

On the Brain Trust discord (a discord community based around the Brain Trust podcast and its creators), there was a conversation that occurred about FKR games (Free Kriegsspiel Revolution), and the amount of freedom to create surrounding games where the rules are not wholly defined at the games outset. This lead me to be inspired… Continue reading Oldham Rules v.1