About Me/Credits

I’m Thomas and I draw very wild art. I like to experiment with how I work, that means meddling around in Photoshop and rubbing paint into the wood grain on my desk. Pens are also cool to push into paper, or hold in place until a splotch forms.

Most of my work as of 2020 can be found in tabletop role-playing games. Usually the old school fantasy type or the weird fantasy type. If I wasn’t credited for art, then I may have been credited for layout work. Making words into printable things that can be printed at places with big metal machines. The type of metal machines that spit colorful goop all over paper until it can be put into a book.

I also write sometimes. Short stories and also my game Runaway Hirelings.

My main inspirations for drawing are Kim Jung Gi, James Jean, and Ian Miller. Although the most clear influence is probably Ian Miller.

When writing I like Stephen King, Shirley Jackson, Italo Calvino, and the movie “The Ritual” (2017).

Recent Going-Ons

I am currently writing stories and also attending college at Champlain in Burlington Vermont for a Game Art & Animation degree.

Social Medias

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