About Me/Credits

About Me/Credits

Hey, I’m Thomas and I draw pictures of monsters and dirty cities for tabletop role-playing game books. I also do layout design for print and digital publications, again usually tabletop role-playing games. But I also do some writing for small games.

I am really interested in weird and horrible monsters, but like fantasy settings that are confusing and like bad dreams.

Now some low down in a list:

  • If you want merch, check out my Society6 page.
  • If you want some original art, check out my Etsy.
  • Want PDF’s of stuff I’ve published? Check my Gumroad page!
  • But, what if you want to get stuff I publish as I publish them? And some for commercial use art? Become a Patron on Patreon!
  • Not really into any of that? Want to give me a coffee? Check my KoFi.

Also follow the social medias of mine that you want to follow:

Up next, my publication credits!


I’ve worked on a number of different publications in different roles, my layout work is usually best described as “clean”. My illustration style, usually detailed inks.

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Writing/Game Design


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