About Me/Credits

About Me/Credits

This is me with a picture in sharpie I drew.

I’m Thomas and I draw very wild and crazy art, I am always experimenting trying to find ways to get better both style and quality wise in my work. Pen and ink is what calls to me the most and what I use the most, technical pens of the smallest sizes and a reckless disregard for constructions bound by the rules of reality.

My main inspirations are Kim Jung Gi, James Jean, and Ian Miller. Although the most clear influence is probably Ian Miller.

A short rundown of the most recent and notable projects:

  • White Star: Galaxy Edition (layout)
  • A Far Off Land (some art)
  • B/X Essentials Series (some art)
  • Chromatic Soup Vol. 2 (some art)

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My Art Posts

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Games and Blogging

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Fiction and Writing

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  • Medium; https://medium.com/@thomasnovoselwhere I will be occasionally posting short stories that I write that are weird and crazy and supposed to be a sort of horror thing.


My Inspiration Collecting

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I’ve worked on a number of different publications in different roles, my layout work is usually best described as “clean”. My illustration style, usually detailed inks.

Self Published

PDFs available at Gumroad and RPGNow. Print also available at RPGNow and LULU.

  • Assorted Art 2019 (sketchbook art book).
  • Runaway Hirelings (2018).
  • Assorted Art 2017 (sketchbook art book).
  • Inktober 2017 (2017).
  • Monster Butts Vol.2 (2017).
  • Monster Butts Vol.1 (2017).
  • The Notebook of John Silence P2: Whereabouts.
  • The Notebook of John Silence P1: Daydreams.
  • Ferocious Fantasy Vol. 1 (no longer available).
  • Assorted Equipment Art Vol.1 (2016).
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