My Comic Zine Resource PDFs

Hey, I like comics. You like comics. I want to make comics. So I made something to help me out with that goal (since I used cardstock for most of my art), I made a zine comic page template to help me with that goal. Just print it out onto cardstock and go run with it. The scaling is noted, space for page number, buncha measures on the sides and some basic margins guides (left and rights etc).

Its 28 pages if you just want to print at “actual size” and go with it.

28 Pages of Zine Comics v1

Download here.

Reference Zine: Volume One (PDF)

I am looking at tons of different art styles all the time and have always been particularly inspired by the various engravings that can be found in dante alighieri’s inferno (first in the divine comedy).

So here is a quick art reference zine I made for myself to keep by my desk for when I want to quickly flip to something or mimic something when I don’t have the computer on and such (or when I’m on the go too I guess?).

art reference volume 1

Zine File

Single Page

Ritual for Retrieving the Third Madness, John Silence 1.5

Josh T. Jordan and I have a mini one-page issue continuing the John Silence weird world. This one is a short game, that I am pretty sure Josh has described pretty accurately as a trancelarp.

It can be downloaded from this link.

If you want to pick up one of the very few copies of the first zine (6 print copies left), go to my store and purchase it there.


Form Fillable Alternate Character Sheets for The Indie Hack

The Indie Hack is this cool game by Slade Stolar that I can easily say I am a pretty big fan of. So it only makes sense that I make some cool and easy to use character sheets right? RIGHT!

These character sheets are bookmarked, have all the character info on each sheet for each character, is form-fillable so that they can easily be used on the computer or to type in and then print out at home, etc. etc. etc.

Anyways, here is a download link to this 8 pages of delicious.

There are also some alternate versions of the pdf now:

Also here is a link to Slade’s website where you can purchase the game 🙂

If there are any problems with the character sheets, give me a shout over on Google+ or Twitter.