Old Equipment Art Zine

Here is a link to my old equipment art zine: http://thomas-novosel.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/AssortedEquipmentArtZine_15.pdf Here is a link to a WIP of a new zine or the unfinished second volume: http://thomas-novosel.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/EquipmentArtZine21.pdf  If you want to give me money, go buy a game or art or something over on my itch. https://thomasnovosel.itch.io/

Chaos Bandits

One thing that rulers fear is a revolt, the exposure of their corruptions, and the mounting evidence of tyranny. What causes hopes to get high in the final days before the whole thing comes crumbling down? What stalls the collapse of empires? Rulers who take advantage of their power. Who make rituals and preparations to… Continue reading Chaos Bandits

The Trespasser (Actual Play)

Hello Readers! This blog post is an actual play of my playthrough of ‘The Trespasser’ which is a solo horror game that can be bought here: https://zarwid.itch.io/trespasser The way this actual play works is that it is a typed version of all of my notes that I wrote while playing the game, and since I… Continue reading The Trespasser (Actual Play)

The Trespasser (Review)

After I published my last review, that same night a game designer named Evan shot me a message saying how much they enjoyed my review and wanted to see if I would be interested in reviewing their game ‘The Trespasser‘. I said yes! So here we are! The same rules about how I do reviews… Continue reading The Trespasser (Review)

Shortsword (Review)

I don’t normally write reviews for games, but I think this is as close as it will get on here. In a game review I want to describe what I find most interesting and clever, as well as describe what I would use the game for. When I say that I would use a game… Continue reading Shortsword (Review)

Nicest Detectives

Nicest Detectives is a low rules ttrpg for playing detectives who are clumsy, have families, and still find a way to succeed (whether that changes the world or not, is open to interpretation). For reference, this game is about detectives like those in The Nice Guys (2016). You can play detectives from any timeframe, as… Continue reading Nicest Detectives

Reading #1

Over on my movies blog that I manage with Beau (my significant other, husband, boyfriend, etc), we do a series of posts called ‘What I Watched’. These posts list what we have watched, how many times we have watched each, and then we include short recommendations for our favorites. These recommendations are not comprehensive reviews,… Continue reading Reading #1