Stimnet Junkies

With a drive port on their forehead these sense junkies spend their downtime processing footage, data, media etc so that in exchange they get tokens which can be spent at sim and jack-high dealers for a jump drive with the latest simulated thrill in sound, visual, and physical stimulation. These guys are Stimnet junkies.


Specifically these individuals have been body modded with a small sensory simulation computer inside their skull which has a variety of connectors and tubes which can be inserted into your nose, plugged into your ears, stretched to the sides of your eyes, and finally down the back of your spine.

Where you meet them

These guys look over street cam footage, they are customer support, they are the outsourced at home secretaries for tons of corporations and businesses. Essentially they trade their computing power and ability to scan and digest information for time which can be spent enjoying a different reality that is just stimulation.

Loud and pulsating noises, sweet and bitter tastes back to back, a concoction of memory triggering smells, and a constant tapping in the spine to give the sense of a loving touch (or rough one). That is what they do it for and it is how they get paid.

Some details

First off, Stimnet is the online marketplace for where noobies and collectors can look through digital catalogs of simulations and experiences. Giving information including how many copies were made, developer profiles, street value, where you could get a copy legitimately (if a legitimate source is available).

What could their place look like…

Stimnet junkies spend all their time in a seat. As such their are two ways to go about this, the messy way and the streamlined way of living. The messy way involves piles of junk and garbage and empty pizza boxes and moldy cola jugs. The benefits of having a messy way is that it is incredibly easy to hide security cameras and trip traps which could be set off by intruders.

The streamlined way involves a bundled mass of tubes and cylindrical containers full of liquid nutrients which are fed via tube down the esophagus and via needles into the forearm. The positive note here is that people who use this system have very clean houses. The downside is that they are essentially never “here”, waving your hand won’t get their attention, throttling them won’t get their attention. They are wholly gone and the only way to mess with them is to talk to them online or via a terminal.

Because if you cut someone off, they could die from shock. No, really, they could.

What are some things they could be experiencing…

Everyone has an experience that they can afford to simulate but not actually do in real life. Here are some:

  • Fantasy Warrior Fighter Online: Return of the Barbarian Hunters – fighting barbaric hunters in the age of blood, steel, and brutal finishing moves.
  • Edge of the Atmosphere Ski Diving – atmosphere ski diving is way too expensive and way too dangerous, falling to the earths surface from near space (so close your fingers could probably skim the edge of some space junk) while riding on skis is pretty thrilling though and on the TV feeds all the time.
  • 364 Conflict – essentially a first person shooter which allows you to shoot and kill and work together to take objectives to capture the simulated world. Each website and server can be its own randomly generated battleground to fight over. Its like a sense of danger that is always constant that can be played or experienced passively. People pay equally to just watch other people play and feel what their character feels when they play.

If they need to defend themselves…

  • Tiny usb powered turrets – hide them in places, stick them to the wall with a suction cup, put them in the mail box, whatever works.
  • nerve gas – doesn’t affect the people who pay for oxygen! also puts people down on the ground long enough to call up the proper authorities or a local ganger to remove the body (person).
  • digitally simulated floors – fall right through the hologram if you aren’t in the know or don’t check to make sure the floor is real. Usually a cell is down their or a pit trap. Whichever works.
  • sensory overload – blaring audio and lights to over stimulate intruders into crippling state of sensory confusion.

For more my last post on adventurohl, check it out here.

Grimmenlurks Mini Setting (not yet because yeah)

Happy thanksgiving yall, or should I say thankskilling? (Look up that movie, its so bad but funny in a cringey way)

Hey there, yall remember how I put out a pdf of a map I made because it was my birthday? Well, I was riding that hype train and wanted to make a setting for the weekend to be like “Hey I am thankful for anyone who downloads or shows interest in my stuff!” but I am realizing that that just isn’t really feasible for what I want to do,.

So, I am going to just give you a quick PDF with my draft text for one of the 13 locations for Riddentown near Moody Lake at the Grimmenlurks.

Hopefully, I can have it done for new years instead.

[download pdf here!]


However, in more positive news I am getting a lot of work done in general so far and hopefully, this will continue through the weekend 🙂




The Clifflands where Burthis Perished (Map)

Past a road which seems to never end on a coast most clearly defined but without water or a perceivable “bottom” or “seabed” is a small bridge. This bridge is small in width, not length, as it seems to go out into a slight fog, which obscures your sight of closer landscapes. But out, far above like a mountain peak you can see it. You can see the corpse of Burthis the Behemoth.

You can see its flesh and you can see the pale pink rod-shaped growths along it. You can see the rooftops of a small city perched atop its back. Ah yes, Tortleehundine.

You have found the end of the path that leads to the Clifflands.

Map Key

This is all the names of places as shown on the PDF of the map, this list and the introduction text above is on the second page of the PDF.

  1. Yurgsted
  2. Living Ritual of the Fleshers
  3. Moorduins Great Bridge
  4. Towers of Keddlerdale
  5. Graves of the Seer (Entrance to the Temple of Ote)
  6. The Eye of Ote
  7. Mr.Wemberly’s Inn
  8. A Stone for all of Existence
  9. The Stickwoods Breathing
  10. The Head of Burthis (Entrance to the Flesh Labyrinth)
  11. The Great Town of Tortleehundine
  12. The Necrotic Lifeform Hundis
  13. Burthis’s Material Converter
  14. The Woodwork above a Spew Pit
  15. The Greatest Tower, Heldwunder.
  16. The Village Lerdswine
  17. The Sorrow Pond
  18. Bridge between the Temple of Ote and the Hundis birthgrounds
  19. The Breeze Stairs
  20. The Stickwoods Alive
  21. The Burnt Village
  22. The Living Stickwoods

Download a PDF of the map here.

Adventurohl slice

Adventurohl is a drug-fueled kick in the teeth type of fantasy setting. Use it with your favorite fantasy system, I imagine it isn’t that hard to do. I’ll be using Into the Odd (most likely).

The city has bright green edges, and flickers of orange neon bounce off the scum water in the streets. Bikers ride hard, ork tats and sharpened teeth with big blue and black checkered jackets, they grab a tankard and smash it over the head of pedestrians trying to cross the road. In a dilapidated building, forgotten by the government that is so fat it can’t see the people it is stepping on to reach for another bar of chocolate, a few people have just O.D.’d on some T. Rrollertall. In the Saltwater Tavern, the door behind the fat dumpster where Ricky Lee was found dead and bare with cuts all over, a small group sits at the bar twitching just a bit as their last bag of IV drip (Adventurohl) comes up dry. Great timing too, because a contract just came up, four bags from Fat Jack for whoever can take out the two Trolls at the construction site on 4th. They’re holding up a crew and are getting a little blood in their eyes.

Grab your baseball bat, throw on a mask, and hop in the deathroller (a repurposed City Police jeep). It’s time to chase your high and beat the shit out of those who cross the line, all for another bag of Adventurohl.

What is this about…?

The core idea is this:

  • Prescription drugs are prescribed to felons and people who commit crimes. Each gives off a high or causes a stimulation of some sort to simulate the feelings that the person gets when they commit a crime. So satisfying some with drugs so that they don’t do the “real” thing.
  • These drugs if abused by people and O.D.’d on, they don’t cause death but a physical transformation of sorts. So, if you were taking gobloilokustus gas for multiple accounts of theft and armed robbery and overdose on it. Your skin will turn a soft green hue, small yellow lesions will appear across the face and you’ll feel the physical need to steal increasingly more valuable objects. Stealing with no concern for other people’s lives, but no amount will satiate your need so it will just continue to escalate, which will sometimes involve buddying up with other gobloids to rob some arktek pawn shops.
  • This is a spin of fantasy in a cyberpunk like world. That means tech is magic, it’s to allow people to indulge themselves in guilty pleasures, avoid working too hard, and to make dull life entertaining. To make a miserable existence bearable. As such there is a big gov that’s fat which has all the cake to make us smile. But cake is not evenly distributed by lower tier skumlords. You do favors, you get cool stuff. You do some dirty work, and they slide you a month’s supply of calmers (pills that put your body in a trance like sleep, makes the whole world better for you, it’s like supreme bliss and is hella addicting).
  • Taverns are dive bars. Dungeons are the buildings that have been built so many times ontop of itself that they have hidden walls and so many interconnected rooms that it might as well be a maze of life. Dragons, the wise people that hoard the riches, are people who have their mind stimulated by hallucinogenic incense that allows them to mentally control their lackeys and make sure they keep the illegal arms network full of military grade body supplements and Steelsword brand heavy magnums. Adventurers are people who are addicted to adventurohl and are running low or out of supplies.

Notes for playing with Into the Odd

Roll’em up as usual, roll for starting packages as usual, if it gives you a weapon keep its equivalent as detailed later on down. But, with everything else roll a d4 for each (such as, if you have “Club (d6), Ether, Crowbar, and a Flute” you would roll a d4 3 times and make something up that combines what you roll and what you had):

  1. Status Symbol; chains and talisman, interactive tattoos, specially made tools. These things are violent, sexual looking and generally gaudy as can be (or primal, whichever).
  2. Late Night “As Seen on TV” Tech; an invention that has the same effect and purpose but is commercialized and branded with big blocky letters. Usually with some type of stupid and useless gimmick (“it comes with a lanyard to wrap it around your wrist!”).
  3. Mechanical Components for Simple Biomechanical Enhancements; these individual parts aren’t as great as a whole concussive knuckle bone mod, but the individual parts hold simple quirks and value as is. Tell everyone what this thing is one among many parts of what kind of enhancement.
  4. Streetwise Outfitters and Stuff; think the dicks sporting goods but in seedy pawn shop form full of clothes and camping tools and “living in a box” gear.

No duplicates in a single character’s gear, if you roll a 6, you can’t get a six again. But someone else may.

If you have arcana that you need to roll for, roll a d6 for some special thing…

  1. Gain 3 HP to your max
  2. Same as 1.
  3. Your a muscle man, bump Strength by +2 and your weapon is now a melee weapon (field weapon class, roll a d6 for special effect)
  4. Your a gun-natic, bump Dexterity by +2 and your weapon is now a heavy gun class rifle (with chip, if you get caught with it or go through a scanner a pack of cars will be on that chips locator looking for you)
  5. You make your own calmers, just the right amount of sanity and cool to never have a poker face. Bump Willpower by +2 and you now have d8 chews worth in a tin (each chew lasts for 1 hour). Using it means your hidden motives cannot be discerned, only your exact words can throw you under the bus.
  6. You are craving Adventurohl right now. You can choose to make a willpower test once per fight, if you fail lose a point and your next attack does damage+4 as you will tear them apart to get where you need to go.


As for equipment here are the direct replacements/conversions:

Hand Weapons; as is but replace with steel baseball bats, tire irons, personal defender (one shot till ya reload) snub nose, long shiv, etc

Field Weapons; it’s not a musket it’s a SMG (shitty muscle gun, the kind of multiple shot shooting weapon under the coats of bouncers and bodyguards, roll a d6 after each attack if you get a 5-6 you need to spend your next turn swapping mags), swords are replaced with magnums (4 shot, roll a d20+4 to see how many bullets you keep in your coat pocket, if at a decent distance you do damage-2), if it’s definitely a melee weapon (roll a d6) then it has teeth (1-2, cripples hands and feet, blinds when used on the head 50% of the time) or electrified (3-4, 50% of the time stuns someone into a shaking fit) or is superheated (5-6, 1 out of 6 times that person will catch on fire meaning they will not be able to fight you unless someone else puts that fire out).

Noble Weapons; it’s a fancy version, has a bar code or faux military insignia etched on it. It’s bigger, has more angular features or has pretty lights and gizmos on it. Nothing special besides that and its higher price tag and a little more QC.

Heavy Gun; it’s a heavy gun. Actual military or corporation operations approved. Compact, tight, made to slay and illegal to have without up to date credentials. Some require an up to date chip in your hand to be able to use.

Shield Armour; its armour I. Think big heavy pads filled with expensive metal beads. Only effective against melee weapons, bullets don’t care.

Modern Armour; gel meshes under your coat, not going to be seen by most other people. Heavy guns ignore your armour on this one, but will still knock you down onto the pavement.

If anything else needs a genre/setting shift, make it up on the spot and keep the stats.

Some roundup time

I frequently stalk artwork on behance, youtube, pinterest, google images, deviantart, tumblr. etc. other sites. And I have previously done a shout outs section (back in my unfinished 30 days of female faces art challenge thing). This time I am just going to blurt out a bunch of cool links to things I have been looking at:

Youtube Videos:

Some books I have been looking at lately:

I recently also read Tokyo Ghost and the second issue of Prophet.

Also on the other side, I added some things to my portfolio site.