This page contains links to downloads that I have for free! Some of these files are hosted on my website, and other files are hosted on my Dropbox. For example, the majority of the Graphics/Art-Resources files are hosted through Dropbox. This is due to each packs individual size.

Games & Game Stuff

  • Adventurer’s Hoard, for the Indie Hack (pdf here)
  • Drillers of the Underworld, for the Indie Hack (pdf here)
  • Form Fillable Character Sheets for The Indie Hack for the Indie Hack (pdf here)
  • Adventurer’s Hoard, for OSR Games (pdf here)
  • Dark, Rotten, and Terribly Odd for Into the Odd (pdf here)
  • Ritual for Retrieving the Third Madness, John Silence 1.5 (pdf here)