Notoma Jack (9/19/16)

“Tick tick, notoma? What are you doing you knock dog?” echoed down the street as the neon flickered down to dead, the billboards nearby flashed to black. I stumbled, scraping my knee and palms across the shit ground.

“Back off jonah! you don’t know who i am! You don’t get what your up against! This isn’t whatya think!” clack, clack went the pipe against the gutter, clack clack went the bloodied pipe against the dumpster, tap tap went the pipe in his other hand.

“You need to pay up notoma, I can’t let you go without something being crumpled.” he stood over me, his face looked even more ugly in the shadows, his cheeks will have bruises and I bet he won’t see out that left eye tomorrow after the scrap I gave him.

“I ain’t payin’ for something I didn’t take, laws on my side this time.” I can’t find shit to fight with, couldn’t keep a grip even if I did find something on the wet ground, I hope this is just my blood.

A tight grip nabbed the back of my neck, a clutch and spin then I am on my back again, a swift kick to my already fucked leg. My scream is shortened by the blood coming up my throat.

“Yeah, well, tough shit”.


Are these wires in my head? Not under my hair but in my head, past the ear,. Wait. No. I can see it, weaving through my thoughts, I see Saru, cooking breakfast for me before I head out to meet everybody.

Wait, no, don’t leave. My mind is spiraling in front of me, hundreds of stairs which are impossible to walk on, like a slide from the park. The park, me and gorth always threw dirt on the slide to hear the sound.

Dong. Donk. Dong. Donk.

“You see what is going on right notoma?” gorth looks at me, bandage across his nose covering up that cut from the bars.

“Yeah, we are making noise. Gonna make the wrinkles who took our ball grizzly!” gorth looks at me and motions for me to come over, now we go down the slide and get dirt all over our pants.

“I’m not seeing anything here, well you better just probe harder! We need the words or I’ll bust your skull and stop his,”

“Well we got to be careful, we don’t want to get mud on our pants!” I make a face wth my hands at my cheeks, teasing him. Gorth pushes me down and his face contorts as if he’s laughing, but it is silent.

As I go down the slide, it slows. I hear him.

“Go forward.”

The slide doesn’t end as I pick up speed, moving fast as I am slickened by the mud on my ass (mud?). A wall is coming up, I am laughing, I am having a good time.

My heart beat quickens as I approach a steel wall, I crash through it and the metal tears and bends with the force of my movement. I wipe the metals flecks off my face and away from my eyes to see Saru again, her dark hair is damp. We are at her place, she just got out of the shower and I am counting how many nutritabs we have left. Not enough to pay for dinner and not enough to even eat as is.

I am sad now. Why am I sad?

“We don’t have to go out tonight notoma, I can always get some work done from here and we can head out next friday.” she is hiding it badly, and that makes me feel badly. I have no real job, all I do is bust faces for the…

“Okay, if you say so, Ihave something I really need to do tonight anyways…” I shout out over the screech of the hairdryer as I push the little silver pills into my coat pockets.


“Right here, zoom in. Are you saying that you were going to bail tonight anyways?” Saru comes through the doorway, with that look on her face. A bit of sour doubt and sarcasm blended through some charm and dotted with lovely eyes.

I jerk my head up, what?

Screeeeeeeeechhhhhhh…. A tire?

“NO! NO! I can talk! I can talk!” his head is less than an inch from the tire that is about to roll over his face, his shirt is gripped by a hand wrapped in twisted nails and red leather.

“I don’t get why your so mad brother? You just gotta talk right now and quick. No stay of execution for your sick head.” Gorth was holding him. I am sitting on a trashcan, we are in an alley. Where are the signs?”