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Sounds for your ears with people talking, usually interesting but usually also just me talking about art, games, and just about anything else I am into.

Episode 2: Altered Histories and Inheritances w/ Slade Stolar

In this episode of Castle Vomit, Thomas (thats me yo!) and the cool Slade Stolar (of Scablands Press and The Indie Hack fame) ramble on about the versioning of history and the various effects of inheriting the world.

This includes some silly examples and very vague adventure concept midway through the episode.

At the end we have Notes:

  • Red Markets by Caleb Stokes (Hebanon Games); zombie apocalypse poverty simulator the tabletop rpg.
  • Somewhere Lane from RPPR; super creepy Delta Green actual play from role playing public radio.
  • Moderndayjames; youtube art channel with the “Draw like a Gi” series. Crazy perspective art lessons.
  • Drawfee; tons of funny drawing videos, including knock off zelda character, knock off pokemon, etc.

Plugs (Thomas’ has a few stuff)

  • White Star Galaxy Edition; I (Thomas) did the layout for this star wars like white box OSR game book (its a pretty good sized tome).
  • Chromatic Soup #2; I (Thomas) did a few pieces of art for this collab zine from the chromatic soup community and Evlyn Moreau. It has hobos in it.
  • Thomas’ Art/Zines Patreon; I recently fixed up and snazzy-d up my patreon. There is also now a $1 tier if you just want to throw a dollar and get some art files to look at oogle.

Plugs (Slades words from Slades Mouths)

  • Dust, Fog, and Glowing Embers will be available to non-backers soon. It’s a sci-fi game set in the past, where all non-science and proto-science is real. And it’s also about defeating fascism.
  • ANNA-X66, a “real” PbtA game that I’m working on. It’s about being a soldier that takes orders from an artificial intelligence. Figuring that out is the key. Figuring out what it wants is key. It’s also about defeating fascism.
  • As-yet-unnamed 90s Vamps game – It’s not about fascism hardly at all! It’s about recreating a very particular 90s vibe of basement gaming without needing a 300 page rulebook and three centuries of lore. I liked Undying a lot, but I prefer collaboration that fails to competition that succeeds. I miss Vamps… Anyways.

The Bleakest Pyramid (Runaway Hirelings Actual Play)

Thomas Novosel and his friend Tony play a game of Runaway Hirelings (soon to be released), a game about hirelings seeking to avoid dying in a dungeon and are trying to escape as best they can. This session created the dungeon “The Bleakest Pyramid” a reawakened mythos pyramid of weirdness and oddities drawn from the imagination and on the go.

The rooms we explored:

  • Oily Nonsense
  • The Shackles of He who could not be named
  • The birthplace of all our sins
  • Echo chamber of the chanters
  • The wilting rose
  • Steps to solitary confinement

Sidenote: We played fast and super loose with the rules, its a playtest version not final release and I had never done a full 1 on 1 game before with the ruleset.