The Bleakest Pyramid (Runaway Hirelings Actual Play)

Thomas Novosel and his friend Tony play a game of Runaway Hirelings (soon to be released), a game about hirelings seeking to avoid dying in a dungeon and are trying to escape as best they can. This session created the dungeon “The Bleakest Pyramid” a reawakened mythos pyramid of weirdness and oddities drawn from the imagination and on the go.

The rooms we explored:

  • Oily Nonsense
  • The Shackles of He who could not be named
  • The birthplace of all our sins
  • Echo chamber of the chanters
  • The wilting rose
  • Steps to solitary confinement

Sidenote: We played fast and super loose with the rules, its a playtest version not final release and I had never done a full 1 on 1 game before with the ruleset.

Preview for Episode 2: About Signaling

This weekend I hope to edit some podcast episodes. In the meantime, here is a snippet from the as of this date unreleased episode 2 where me (Thomas Novosel), Dirk Leichty and Paul Czege discuss signaling (reaching out, trying to be legitimate, etc).

Paul cut this section out because someone had asked him about it. So you can thank him for the preview.


P.S. There are 3 episodes recorded and unreleased in the queue at the moment.

P.S.S. Don’t blame me for typos, I am on my phone at the minute.