Runaway Hirelings! Release Notes!

Runaway Hirelings! Release Notes!

This post will acting as my notes concerning Runaway Hirelings! So everything out so far and updates concerning this game. I just added a note on current sales figures, as well as added a second extra sauce! Text in purple was added in the last edit!

Runaway Hirelings was released in its full version a couple of months ago at this point (January in fact!). So here is my late late late release notes concerning the game I’ve spent quite a while working on.

First, here is where you can get it:

Second before going into this post lets post some links related to RH:

  • Extra Sauce #1; Extra Sauce is some additional rules and mechanics or content for RH that I am releasing in little pdfs as I come up with stuff that I think is cool. This first one contains my final thoughts on Dungeon Templates and includes an updated version of the playtest 0.5 dungeon “The Needlelands”. You can get the PDF for free from here.
  • Extra Sauce #2; this extra sauce contains the weirdometer, some rules to help with adding cosmic strangeness and alien old ones to your game. Also contains a new dungeon template “The Temple of Al-Guratt” and a new hireling called the Candlekeeper. get it here for free.
  • The One Shot Podcast AP; The cool cool folks over at the one shot podcast played the game and recorded it. Its hilarious and a perfect example of the final release version of the game and how it is intended to be played. Part One is here, and you can listen to Part Two here.
  • The Bleakest Pyramind AP; I ran the game for a one on one session with my friend Tony Obert for a playtest of the game and how it would function in a one on one environment. I did record it so you can listen to it here if you want!
  • Older Playtest Version 0.5; while this version no longer reflects the games rules and I would consider a broken set of rules at this point (they are 1 year older than the release version, which the game took 2 years to make). They are still cool to look at and compare to the final release version. To see what changed along the way. Click here for the PDF.
  • YouTube Notes Videos; early on in development I started working on notes videos where I talked about some of the early ideas. While I didn’t continue the series throughout all of development, it still might be interesting to watch.

How many copies have been sold so far:

Keep in mind, I have mentioned it very little online, a few times on google+, a couple times on twitter and almost no times on facebook (I think). But here is a breakdown of sales so far via platform:

  • All of my patrons over on Patreon received a PDF copy of the final and complete version, so we can count that as 14 PDF copies.
  • Over on Gumroad we have reached 18 PDF copies sold.
  • Over on Drivethrurpg we have 25 PDF copies sold, and 6 Print on Demand copies (since Print and PDF bundles were available, I’ll assume that’s the mix).

So in total we are at about (22+25=47) Forty Seven copies in distribution! We have almost reached 50! Which is far more than I actually anticipated.  My total gross so far with gumroad and drivethrurpg combined is $231.02, and the actual amount that I have pocketed is $171.82. Which is pretty cool to me.

Update! 7/19/18: Gumroad sales 19 sales and $90.00, RPGNow sales are at 40 and a gross of $247.02. Thats a heck of a lot of copies for my first game.

Actual Plays

But a large amount of the sales have been in this month, and looking into it I figured out that my game was played on the One Shot podcast! It is probably the best example of play as I intended it to be that I have heard so far. You can listen to part one here. And the second part of their adventure in a dragon’s belly dungeon is here.

Extra Sauce #1

During the development of RH there were quite a few sections and rules cut just to make the core game as tight as possible both in rules and the actual final size of the game in page count. But, I still have some ideas I want to play with potentially in RH such as dungeon templates, monster and animal hirelings, and one-on-one play versions of the rules.

This is why I am starting a little series title for some free PDFs (heavily inspired by the UA series from Wizards of the Coast which you should totally check out it is pretty neat how they have been supporting the game that way). I’m calling them Extra Sauce and they have no release schedule or guarantee of working, but they are additional ideas and game tweaks that can be used to mix into the RH experience.

The first one goes over quickly the form of Dungeon Templates through example, and includes a playable updated version of the Needlelands from the 0.5 playtest.

It can be downloaded here for free.

Dungeon Templates

The original plan for dungeon templates is that it would take up a large chunk of pages, that they would be scenarios that came with RH to allow for faster play. They also would act as examples of tone or tools to keep a dungeon consistent since the rules of RH allow a wide degree in creative flexibility. The goal was to include 10 very different dungeons, but since this would increase the page count substantially (making it hard for me to print out zine copies of the game at home and stapling them closed) they were cut. They were also cut due to how long it was taking me to finish working on RH, it was starting to get frustrating how long it took to make the game into the state it is. 2 years for a game of this size made me feel terrible. It shouldn’t have, because its a game and it just wasn’t complete until it was complete, but I felt like I just needed it to be done. So that I could move onto all of these other cool ideas I had.

But, out of the rules that I cut, I felt the worst about the Dungeon Templates and the one-on-one game rules. I know they needed to go because they were just alternate game rules, but they were things that I thought were really neat.

Anyways I hope this updated version of the Dungeon Template as a format is still fun, I might play with it in my next game session, if I change it I’ll release an update for it. But until then, the next thing that will come from extra sauce will probably be the Winning Epilogue rules or the Monster character alternate rules.

Going Forward

I have some ideas for long term game support, since there is still stuff I want to do with the rules I made (a rules hack for example with interns in a modern fantasy version of the office). But here are some things I have considered:

  • Running a Regular scheduled time slot hop-in to play game of Runaway Hirelings. While I don’t think it’d be super popular, I do like how Swords without Master has Sunday Swords. I’ll post about this on all my social media when I get an idea for it. My tentative thought is Saturday afternoon or something along those lines.
  • Extra Sauce supplements, they’re little things that I can play with as I want to. I definitely have two more in my head at least that I want to put out, but no words on how long that will be.
  • Rules hacks were an idea I had at about the year and a half mark of development. That time when you start thinking of what else the time you’ve invested could be used for other games. I’m unsure if I’ll make a hack of it (I have plenty of writing projects at the moment that require my attention much more). But, my interns game is still a possibility.
  • Sales Goals? I do have one landmark where if I ever hit it I’ll release something. But that’s a longer term goal than it sounds. If I hit 300 copies sold I have a game update prepared that is pretty significant but super secret.

Anyways hope ya’ll have a good week! And please give a listen to the one shot folks play of the game, it really is really really good!


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