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These are things that I have released or things that I am a part of that have been recently released. Usually you pay to enjoy these things.

Reference Zine: Volume One (PDF)

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I have recently been looking at a ton of different art styles that involve pens, or things that I could replicate using technical pens. So I have been looking at old woodcuts and engravings, the type I remember finding in the school libraries copy of Dante Aligieri’s “Divine Comedy”. Specifically the first book, Inferno.

After looking across the internet, I downloaded a bunch of free to use images (found using google’s advanced image search of course), and assembled them into a zine. A art reference zine, which I could flip through whenever I need some inspiration quick or need to “oh yeah that’s how it looks” a specific things such as waves and water or fat pudgy clouds while working on a drawing or a piece.

Feel free to download this short zine, print it out even, and keep it by your desk too! Perhaps it may be useful to you too.

Click here to download

art reference volume 1


John Silence 1.5: Ritual for Retrieving the Third Madness

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Here is issue 1.5 of the John Silence series of zines, a co-creative endeavor where Josh T. Jordan comes up with the words and I come up with the art for the weird detective and his various adventures (although this one is more of a game you see?).

The Ritual for Retrieving the Third Madness is meant to hold you over until the release of the second issue is upon us all! Josh described it to me as a “trancelarp”. So be sure to enjoy it!

Click here to download

There are still a few copies left of the first issue of the series, which can be purchased over at my webstore here.